CB I Hate Perfume CBMusk Reinvention Perfume Review

CB I Hate Perfume CB Musk

When your dogs respond to a musk fragrance like this, should you wear it?

Frink the Frug
“Let me schniff. Umm…” sad face

OK, now it’s Moxi’s turn! Priceless.

Moxi Brown
Nom. Nom. “WTH?”

CBMusk is musk. It’s CB’s interpretation of Tonkin Musk; he’s shooting a bird at the synthetic musks used to replace it (even those his is synth; I’m sure of it). He’s trying to capture that certain animalic quality of musk. And let me tell you, he succeeds. Just look at the expressions on my frugs’ faces!

I get this oily turpentine accord over musk. And there’s a deep, dark forest with rotting biomass and slightly fruity chanterelle mushrooms. Civet has to be in this too. With time it warms up on my skin becoming rich. It’s fruity, funky and powdery. Warm. Surprisingly spicy. There’s more to CBMusk than musk. This is complex.

I think many people will use this for layering to add an animalic quality to other perfumes. Some people will find it too grotty. And then there are the people like me that are plenty happy wearing this alone (I’m not super sensitive to skank, sometimes I wonder if my skank radar is broken).

Notes not listed. Launch date 2005. PERFUMER – Christopher Brosius

Give CBMusk a try if you like dirty musks or skank. Try it if you like Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, Kiehl’s Musk CB Forest/Wild Hunt and/or Madini Musk Gazelle. Like I said before you can use this alone or under perfumes to add some “umph”.

I find projection to be average for an oil (close to the skin) and longevity average.

The 1/2 oz perfume oil retails for $115 at CB I Hate Perfume.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA complex blend of rotting biomass, spices, funk and baby powder. It’s a good musk and I like it. Can be worn alone or layered.

*I have sniffed vintage tonkin musk. It does not smell like CBMusk but even Christopher admits that his creation probably doesn’t smell authentic. Real musk is heavenly and reminds me of champaca flowers and the purest skin. Saying this, I don’t feel that CBMusk is too far off. His version is just filthier and that has place in the perfume world.

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*Sample given to me by a friend. Product pic from CB I Hate Perfume. Frink the Frug and Moxi Brown pics are mine. These are the mutants that I share living quarters with.

6 thoughts on “CB I Hate Perfume CBMusk Reinvention Perfume Review

  1. LOL, those pictures say it all!! Too funny!

    I’m pretty sure my skank radar is broken, too, or I have what Tom at PST refers to as “de-skankatron skin” because I actually do think that things like Muscs Koublai Khan and Miller Harris L’Air d’Rien smell good on me, albeit in a sensual way, but still in a good way rather than a beastly, funky indolic way. So I’m betting I’d probably get on well with this one, too.

    1. I’m pretty sure I have de-skankatron skin too! MKK and stuff like that smell pretty on me…or so I think. The only things that are too much for me are things like straight up civet oil. Now that would make the frugs go nuts. I think CBMusk ends up smelling sort of spicy gourmand like what Freddie of SmellyThoughts talks about in his review. I think he has de-skankatron skin too.

  2. Musk Reinvention sounds interesting. I will have to pick up a sample somewhere. I think this would work perfect for layering with some of the jasmine soliflores to make them a little more complex. So you have smelled civet oil? Where did you find it? I’ve been looking for a ticture oil mixture and I have no idea where to look. Great review and thanks for bringing this one to my attention.
    Ferris recently posted..Fragrance Review: Caron Pour Un Homme – Short Lived Lavender

    1. I see this one working wonderfully under jasmines and even more complex florals.

      Let me ask around and I’ll post links to the raw stuff so that you can “train” your nose.

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