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NEST Sicilian Tangerine & White Narcisse Candle Review

OK, I’ve had a really busy Sunday organizing and cleaning, but I thought I’d post something anyway. Here’s my “mini reviews” of two home fragrances from NEST.

NEST Sicilian Tangerine

Sicilian Tangerine – Notes listed include Sicilian tangerine, bergamot, mango and passion fruit.

This is a very nice tropical fruit tangerine. I want it blended in ice with rum and brought to my poolside lounger STAT ­čśë

It’s a fresh citrus with a sweet, tropical mango and passion fruit that doesn’t remind me of Sicily but the… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments

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Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte Candle Review


Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte

Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte is a home fragrance in the Classic Floral Collection inspired by the island of Capri.

Casa Malaparte is a fresh scent that is perfect for summer. It’s crisp citrus with an ozonic melon. It features clean, crisp florals like a “green jasmine”. Overall, it’s a fresh, crisp citrus floral.


Notes listed include grapefruit, lemon oil, jasmine, rose, fig leaf, heliotrope, rosewood, cedarwood and musk.

Give it… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments

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Belle Fleur Palo Santo Candle Review

Belle Fleur Candles

Belle Fleur is a line of candles and home fragrance created by a floral designer. I absolutely love when those with a “floral background” get involved with fragrances. If you read EauMG, you know that I have a little candle problem. Well, I don’t think it is a problem but my husband does. I love fancy candles and Belle Fleur is one of those lines that I love.

Palo Santo is a fragrance in the Exotic Wood Collection. It’s a rich, woodsy fragrance that is amazing… Continue┬áreading | 6 Comments

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Votivo Jasmine Neroli & Azure Garden Candle Review

It’s Easter and I really should be stuffing my face with Cadbury Creme Eggs but before I start doing that, here’s two quick Votivo candle reviews:

Votivo Jasmine Neroli

Jasmine Neroli with notes of mandarin, guava, angelica, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, vanilla and woods.

This is a tropical fruit white floral.It’s a tart but syrupy guava over “clean” jasmine with a backdrop of vanilla and woods. I’m usually not a fan of “tropical” home fragrances but I like this one. It’s fun but isn’t a campy “poolside tiki… Continue┬áreading

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Rebel & Mercury Distinguished No. 2 Tuberose & Incense Candle Review

Rebel & Mercury Candle

Rebel & Mercury Distinguished Candles are a line of natural botanical candles. While the world may have numerous options when it comes to all-natural perfumes, I’ve found that we have less when it comes to home fragrance, especially candles. Why? My hypothesis is that it is expensive, very expensive to make a candle that will throw. The wax tends to absorb natural essences and I can guarantee that one has to use probably double the amount of fragrance than what they use in perfume. This means… Continue┬áreading | 11 Comments