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Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur EDP Perfume Review

Neela Vermeire Mohur EDP Perfume

Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur is a difficult one for me to explain in words, it’s more of an experience sort of fragrance. I feel it fills a void that the fragrance world had before. It’s very complex (you should be able to get that from the note list) and intellectual; however, it’s gorgeous and effortless to wear. With many intellectual fragrances, I have to be in the mood for them. I’m always in the mood for Mohur.

Mohur opens with almond paste, rose and… Continue reading | 8 Comments

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EauMG at the Northwest Chocolate Festival: Chocolate + Perfume

One of the reasons I moved to the Northwest was because people “did stuff”. Everyone had a hobby. Everyone had a passion. Their passion and enthusiasm made me feel so normal…and healthy. I felt at home with gin snobs, single malt snobs, wine snobs, coffee snobs, olive oil snobs…and this weekend I was introduced to the chocolate snob. On Saturday I went to the Northwest Chocolate Festival. This event had quite a few “chocolate fans”, I mean who isn’t a fan of chocolate? I say that but I’m talking hardcore chocolate fans. Hardcore. Just as hardcore as Doctor Who fans… Continue reading | 10 Comments

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Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea Review

Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea

Rose Week 2012

Opus Oils creates more than perfumes! They also have a great range of perfumed tea. I couldn’t think of a better one to talk about for Valentine’s Day than Champagne Roses.

“Roses with absolutes of rose and tuberose.”

What does it look like? Dried rose petals.

What does it smell like? Dried rose petals.

I’ve brewed the rose petals for 4 minutes in boiling water to drink as a tea. It has a citrusy… Continue reading

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Fragrance & Food – Grapefruit Fir Compote & Angel Food Cake

Fragrance & Food – Grapefruit Fir Compote with Angel Food Cake

Loosely based on CREED Silver Mountain Water

Years ago, I had a sponge cake with a rosemary grapefruit topping at a café. This combination of flavors inspired me to play around with the combo of tart grapefruit, the dynamic fresh/cooling mountainous flavor of fir over vanilla sugar. I wanted something refreshing.

Grapefruit Fir Angel Food Cake

This is a super easy recipe especially if you buy a pre-made angel food cake. I purchased an angel food cake… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale EDT Fragrance Review

Since 2005, I’ve ignored Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale. I got all upset once I started reading reviews that said it wasn’t a gingery, green sushi-inspired perfume with cold, salty white rice. I’m so literal; I know! At the time, I lived in an area that didn’t carry Bois 1920. I sure wasn’t going to order a sample of this spicy, comfort scent. It wouldn’t of appealed to me at that time anyways. Well, times have changed and it’s almost 2011. It’s cold and rainy… Continue reading | 15 Comments