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Caron Royal Bain de Caron EDT Perfume Video Review

I’ve been through a few bottles of Caron Royal Bain de Caron in my time. Why? Because it’s a bath fragrance. I use way too much in a bath, I use it liberally as a splash. Yes, I literally bathe in the stuff. I hear that the modern version varies greatly from the original. Don’t they all? And if you want to know what the original Royal Bain de Caron smells like, try Kenzo Flower. This is what I hear.

Caron Royal Bain de Caron

Royal Bain de Caron opens up as “bubbly” without being overly aldehydic like classic Chanels. I get a fresh “green” rose, bubbly citrus, and soapy lilac. The lilac is a bit low-brow but I like it. And it’s heavy on the incense. When I wear Bain de Caron on the skin, I get heavy amounts of benzoin, copal, and amber. It’s sweet. Sweet, powdery incense resins, no smoke or bitterness. A pretty and simple amber perfume. Surprisingly for an EDT, this fragrance is long-lasting thanks to resins and Caron’s signature musk.

A bathing Claudette Colbert

Notes listed include lilac, rose, opopanax, benzoin, incense, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, musk, and vanilla. PERFUMER – Ernest Daltroff

Royal Bain de Caron is easily unisex and I recommend it for any person that likes sweet resins like amber and benzoin. Give it a try if you like Demeter Copal, Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise, Tom Ford Urban Musk, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and/or Narciso Rodriguez Essence.

Royal Bain de Caron is available at places that sell Caron fragrances and you can find it very cheap at discounters like Fragrancenet.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – A simple powdery and sweet incense fragrance. I really enjoy this fragrance. Thanks to discounters this is an affordable luxury for the bath. And yeah, I like to wear it in the summer on my skin as a splash for a “summer incense”.

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8 thoughts on “Caron Royal Bain de Caron EDT Perfume Video Review

  1. You know what, unicorns make me feel pretty awesome too. Where did your accent go? I kept searching for it. Maybe I’m just very used to it now, sometimes I don’t think about my husband’s accent much either, which is heavier than yours.

    You’ve definitely made me have to have this stuff, I really didn’t know anything about it. I’ve got a fresh pile of Caron feminines samples just waiting for me today, and sniffing out of the vials, seems like each will be good.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Perfumer Interview Series: Mandy Aftel

    1. Especially Medieval unicorns. “Crest” unicorns are the best.

      The accent comes out on vowels and big time on vocalic /r/. Didn’t you hear that “lore” of the fragrance line? Yikes. And I’m trained to be as accent neutral as one from Nashville can be. Remember speech therapist…and a background in radio. So, yeah, I really lack that certain Southern “charm” thanks to years and years of being neutralized.

      I do think you’d like this one. Especially as a bath fragrance. It makes me feel so fancy and awesome. The base is brilliant, the top is a little every where but in a likable way. Caron is a great house.

  2. While watching this review I had an impression that you were in the bathroom and subconsciously I expected ant moment the camera would move and we’ll see some tiles, bottles of bath products, etc. And of course it sounded very appealing.
    Undina recently posted..Lock, stock and barrels

    1. They sure don’t market scent in that way anymore, do they? Even Youth Dew was a “bath oil”. It seems that it used to sell product, now none of us have time to take a long, relaxing bath!

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