Caron Bellodgia EDT Perfume Review

Caron Bellodgia

Sadly I was informed last week by a person that sells perfume and has been doing it for many years  that the Bellodgia customer is dying off. It’s time to make new fans, so here’s my review 🙂

The EDT of Bellodgia smells like carnation vanilla ice cream. It’s a creamy carnation with hints of “green” rose with violet and balsamic vanilla. The green in the EDT is a very pleasant edition and you won’t find it in the other concentrations of Bellodgia. The heart is a spicy floral with a nutty vanilla. The dry-down is a subtler version of the heart.

I’m sure the vintage Bellodgia is gorgeous. But, I think the current Bellodgia is rather nice. Why? Because I prefer the “lighter” EDT. I’m not looking for the Bellodgia draped in a cloak of fur. I rather like this one with its green notes mixed with the spicy florals. It’s showing some skin. I actually prefer the EDT over the EDP or the extrait.

Mary Lange

Notes listed include carnation, sandalwood and vanilla. Launch date 1927 (reviewing modern). PERFUMER – Ernest Daltroff (don’t know who reformulated it)

Give Bellodgia a try if you are looking for a carnation perfume that isn’t too spicy. Try it if you like CdG Series 2 Red Carnation, Serge Lutens Vitriol d’oeillet, Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Love and/or Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT. I really can’t see how anyone can sniff the new Bellodgia EDT and think it smells “old fashioned”. But, I’m biased. I like this stuff.

The EDT has average projection and below average longevity. I get about 3-4 hours of wear from it.

The EDT of Bellodgia can be found at Caron boutiques. You can also find it discounted on Fragrancenet.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCarnation vanilla ice cream. I love it. It needs more fans.

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*Bottle purchased by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Mary Lange pic from Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Caron Bellodgia EDT Perfume Review

  1. Just found a sample of CdG Red Carnation yesterday that I didn’t even remember ordering. I quite liked it, though it didn’t seem to last very long on me.

    Must find my sample of Bellodgia and revisit it, though I think it didn’t wow me.

    1. That’s my complaint with CdG Carnation.

      Try again. Concentration makes a different too with the Carons.

  2. Dear Victoria

    Being something of a Caron man – I must say that I’m a fan of Bellodgia in all the concentrations.

    The extrait is as you so beautifully put it ‘a cloak of fur’, but sometimes when the weather is as it has been of here late that’s just what one needs.

    You’re quite right, there is a green element in the EdT that gives it a vibrancy, an esprit de corps that the other concentrations are too indulgently languid to aspire to.

    But have you tried applying the EdT on top of the parfum? Oh yes!

    This is of course how Caron’s were designed to be used, and it certainly shows.

    As for the reformulation, I think it may be the work of the house parfumeur in residence Richard Fraysse, though in structure it seems to differ from some of his other work.

    Now, I will stop babbling on, it’s just that when the subject of Caron comes up, the Dandy is away!!

    Thank you as ever for the thoughtful and always accurate review.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy
    theperfumeddandy recently posted..She knows her own mind… Knowing by Estee Lauder The Perfumed Dandy’s Scented Letter

    1. Why didn’t I think of layering those? It makes perfect sense. The lovely base of the parfum with the greenness of the EDT…

      I understand your passion. I’m a Caron fan girl. Sometimes I’m amazed that I dare to wear anything else.

      1. Hi,
        I just came across this post. I was very amused to read that someone had said that ” the Bellodgia customer is dying off”!! I have been wearing Bellodgia since I was a teenager – in the late 60s – I am 62 now. Ah, the foolishness of extreme youth….

        1. Wasn’t that one heck of a thing to say to someone wanting to buy Bellodgia? I was wondering if she was trying to put a curse on me 😉

          It’s a gorgeous perfume. And oddly enough, I think it’s modern enough for today. To me, it’s not “dated”. True beauty never goes out of style!

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