C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Splash

C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Spray Review

In preperation for summer, I purchased C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Splash on a whim. It was cheap, marked down, and I couldn’t resist. Sniffing it in the bottle, I thought it smelled good. Neroli isn’t an easy ingredient to mess up, right?

Here’s the deal. C.O. Bigelow didn’t mess up neroli. They didn’t mess up Lemon & Orange Blossom. It smells good. It’s a refreshing melody of tart citrus and citrus blossoms. I really do like it. It’s just that I’ve timed this fragrance and it doesn’t last more than 3 minutes. I know this is a body splash. I don’t expect longevity from a body splash. But, I do expect for them to last longer than 3 minutes. On a cool day, this Lemon & Orange Blossom vanishes in 3 minutes. What will happen on an 80º day? I don’t want a heavy fragrance on super hot days, but I do want something that lingers a little to make me feel not sweaty and gross. I foresee myself spraying this on myself in the summer just to cool me down. I will go through the bottle in a week! Oh, well.

I don’t regret buying this body splash. It does smell good, but I won’t repurchase. For the same result and for cheaper, I’d rather refill this spray bottle with a cheap-o Florida water.

Notes listed include Italian lemon, orange blossoms, and jasmine.

The 6.7 oz spray of Lemon & Orange Blossom retails for $16.50 and is available at Bath & Body Works.

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7 thoughts on “C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Splash

  1. I had never heard of Florida water, but now I know that it “acts with pleasing effect.”.

    I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that most citrus anythings last about 3 minutes on my skin. I think possibly a good blog post would be a list of the exceptions to the rule (I.e. Eau de Guerlain lasts pretty long; Monsieur Balmain lasts a shockingly long time, etc.)

    1. The “disappearing act” of citrus is why I have avoided the note for so long. I have dry skin, lived in a hot climate, it didn’t work for me. I finally started trying citrus again after moving to the PNW. They still don’t last 😉

      There are exceptions: Eau de Guerlain, Monsieur Givenchy, Guerlain Eau Imperiale, and yes, Monsieur Balmain. There’s an AG one but, I can’t remember which one.

      Florida Water is good, but I think of it like those Evian sprays that people carry to “refresh” their faces during the day. That pleasing effect is a splash of water in the face. It

  2. Too bad it didn’t last as it sounds lovely.
    I use the Roger and Gallet Eau Fraiche scents during the summer and they last much longer that I ever expected. They make a “Bois Orange” you might like!

    1. I need to try more Roger et Gallet. I haven’t tried their products since the 90’s. I remember them being affordable but good.

  3. Try the body cream! It smells so good and you can layer it under the other eau de colognes that you mentioned. I sprayed this on in store and it does fade very quickly despite smelling good. I wear a few Jo Malone fragrances over the cream and it smells so good.

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