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Byredo Peyote Poem Candle Review

Byredo Peyote Poem

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m guilty for buying things just for the name. Luckily in the case of Byredo candles, Peyote Poem was the one I wanted for the name. It also helps that it was the fragrance I wanted.

Peyote Poem is my alter ego. A pyschotropic using beatnik that somehow writes poetry that actually sells and gives my alter ego enough money to buy luxury candles that alter ego me will use to accidentally burn down my alter ego’s flat (including the hand-written pages of the next best-selling novella) in a drug-induced haze. No, I’m not glamorizing drug use. From my story, my alter ego really suffers, that’s my PSA.

Peyote Poem is so excellent and complex that when you smell it you’ll part with your money. It’s this “dark” blend of tonka-laced amber with hallucinations of dry woods. And it smokes clove cigarettes. It’s mesmerizing.

Anne Waldman

Notes listed include juniper berries, clove buds, tonka bean, hyacinth, fir, vanilla, black amber and patchouli.

And this candle’s scent throws. If you live in a small space, go for the small one.

Peyote Poem comes in two sizes with prices ranging from $30-$80 at Byredo.

Please tell me that I’m not the only person that buys items just for the name. This is why I have to stay away from NARS (they have an eyeshadow called Zardoz. I couldn’t leave it at the store) and apparently I need to stay away from Byredo candles.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Byredo. Anne Waldman pic from Vitro Nasu.

6 thoughts on “Byredo Peyote Poem Candle Review

  1. I checked out Byredo candles on Friday and zoomed in on Bibliotheque for the name, but it was actually Peyote Poem that had my nose swooning. I have visions of PP burning while the air turns crisp in September and it’s giving me the best kind of shivers.
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    1. Oh, it’s good and I’m happy that I splurged. I too was drawn to Bibliotheque but wanted Apocalyptic (Barneys was sold out of both sizes!) So I ended up with Peyote Poem and I’m very happy that I did.

      And yes, it’s amazing to burn on cool, fall days.

  2. Those candles all sound good – Ambre Japonais is calling me! I have never tried a Byredo fragrance . Oh to have unlimited funds!
    Had to check out Zardoz and see what color it is. Should be red like Sean Connery’s outfit. My husband loves to watch that movie.

    1. I like many of the Byredo candles, which is dangerous for my savings account! Actually – I’m a no-buy for candles until I use up and enjoy the ones that I already own.

      Sadly, the Zardoz is not Zardoz-y at all! It’s just a matte black cream which I use as an eyeliner. It needed to be red like his suit or that bold cobalt shade that was seen throughout the entire movie. Oh, it’s such a bad movie but enjoyable sci-fi.

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