Byredo Mojave Ghost EDP Perfume Review

Byredo Mojave Ghost

There’s a flower that blooms in a region that I should spend more time in. Paper-like petals open just inches above dry desert. Byredo Mojave Ghost is inspired by  Mohavea confertiflora, or “ghost flower” that grow in the arid deserts of the Southwest (or Mexican Northwest).

The opening of Mojave Ghost is like a breeze. It’s a cool violet with a raspberry fruitiness that’s all being carried by a “mist” of sheer woods. This opening is bittersweet – like sweet, milky woods and tart fruits. This gives the impression of fruits and tart yogurt. The heart is a abstract fruity floral that wears like a veil. The ambrette is cool, green and metallic. It dries down to a powdery cedar and sandalwood incense that’s warm but also sour like buttermilk.

Mojave Ghost is a little weird. It’s tart and without being a citrus, it’s the “tangiest” perfume I’ve ever worn. It’s also unusual in how it wears. It does wear ghostly, like a sheer veil. It’s diffused. (Because of this, the name is absolutely perfect). Now it may be weird, but it’s completely wearable, in fact, it’s pleasant and I imagine it sells well for Byredo.

Leatrice Joy

Notes listed include ambrette, sapodilla (a fruit)¹, violet, sandalwood, magnolia, ambergris, chantilly musk and cedar. Launched in 2014.

Give Mojave Ghost a try if you like fruity but unusual perfumes. Or perfumes like Balenciaga B., DSQUARED² She Wood, Alexander McQueen My Queen Light Mist, Odin 04 Petrana, HEELEY Iris de Nuit and/or Hermès Santal Massoïa

Projection is average. Longevity is above average.

Mojave Ghost comes in two sizes with prices ranging from $150-$230 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRaspberry yogurt musk. As someone that didn’t know what a “ghost flower” was until I tried this fragrance, this perfume wasn’t what I expected. But, after wearing it, it fits perfectly with the concept and fits well with the brand.

¹This fruit is very astringent when unripe and this perfume does have an “astringent fruit” thing going on,

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Basenotes. Leatrice Joy pic from


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  1. This sounds like a exotic fragrance I would be into adding to my collection, fruity and mysterious, but I will wait til I can hopefully catch it on sale/discount because it is a little pricey. Thanks for the review!

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