Byredo Flowerhead EDP Perfume Review

Byredo Flowerhead

Ben Gorham, the very, very handsome founder of Byredo, has said this about the brand’s most recent perfume launch:

“The idea of marrying someone you don’t know was very interesting. There’s anxiety and excitement, and I described this person as a ‘flowerhead’, because the bride is completely covered in floral hair arrangements.”

It’s really sweet of him to be thinking of me, an unknown stranger, like that. I’m flattered, Ben, I really am, but I can’t. I’m already a married lady 🙁  In all seriousness, Flowerhead is inspired by the florals used in Indian weddings and I also think it is the brand’s excuse to make something impressively beautiful.

Flowerhead is a bitter floral with green notes. It reminds me of marigold and jasmine. What makes Flowerhead stand out in a sea of high-quality florals is that bitterness and greenness. The heart is a white floral that isn’t creamy or overwhelming. Once again celery-like greens and rhubarb keep this from being “stuffy”. It smells like fresh white florals.  Flowerhead dries down to a soft, ambery floral. This base is a great contrast to those bitter, white florals.

I see this sort of thing happen a lot with niche perfumes. You can tell that the perfumer or creative director has some sort of floral hang-up that they overcome with time. Eventually they’ll launch a gorgeous unapologetic floral (Serge Lutens, HEELEY, Malle have all done this). I think Byredo is now in awe of the natural beauty of florals (this and Inflorescence). As a person that felt strange wearing florals in the beginning but now loves them, I completely empathize. You realize after smelling and wearing many different compositions and even single notes, that there is really nothing more beautiful than what nature offers us with flowers. And it’s fine. It’s OK to smell like a flower. Sometimes we just want to smell unapologetically beautiful.

Now saying that, Flowerhead is very well done in that it is an enveloping floral that isn’t suffocating. But, still, you’re going to have to love wearing florals to love wearing Flowerhead.

Nutan Behl

Notes listed include angelica seed, cranberries, lemon, sambac jasmine, green notes, rose petals, tuberose, suede and ambergris. Launched 2014. PERFUMER – Jerome Epinette

Or if you like perfumes like Hermes Jour de Hermes, Arquiste Fleur y Canto, Diptyque Do Son, Fragrance Republic No. 2 and/or YOSH White FlowersBeing a floral, many people will perceive it as a feminine. And I rarely say this, but Flowerhead would make a great bridal fragrance.

Projection and longevity are above average.

Flowerhead comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $145-$220 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase. In the UK, it’s available at Harrods.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBitter, green white floral. One of the better white florals that has been launched in the past 5 years.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Luckyscent. Nutan Behl pic from Harrods is an affiliate link. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Byredo Flowerhead EDP Perfume Review

  1. Great review! I’m going to order a sample but I have a question first. I always associate marigolds with Indian celebrations like weddings. Does Flowerhead smell like marigolds at all? They are perhaps my most favorite smelling flower because it reminds me of lazy Summer days in my grandmothers gardens.

    – Kate

    1. I get bitter marigolds in this one. That’s what makes it different than the other modern white florals that I’ve tried.

      1. Sounds great! I will place my sample order now. And btw I really enjoy your blog and have bought quite a few of your suggestions and am always happy with them. Thanks for expanding my horizons 🙂

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