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By Kilian Beyond Love EDP Perfume Video Review


By Kilian Beyond Love – Prohibited is a tuberose soliflore in the L’œuvre Noire Collection. To me it’s beachy but not like tanning oil. It embodies that feeling of being at the beach all day without that weird sun hangover feeling.

By Kilian Beyond Love perfume

If you love tuberose, then you should try Kilian Beyond Love. If you don’t love tuberose, you should still try it. Beyond Love opens with a coconut and a waxy jasmine but it doesn’t manage to smell like tanning oil. How is this possible? It doesn’t smell like tanning oil but it does feel like you’re on a warm beach, little grains of toasted sand sticking to your skin. Beyond Love is warm and sensual. The tuberose is buttery and rich. Sweet but not as sweet as other tuberose soliflores that you may know. The heart has some magnolia and a slew of white florals mixed in with the tuberose. I get something that reminds me of a luxurious, leathery iris. The base still has a trace of white florals but I get something that reminds me of warm, salty sand. The base is warm and enveloping. It’s a gorgeous scent even with the slightly dirty ambergris base.

Marilyn Monroe 1949 beach

Notes listed include coconut, Egyptian jasmine, every form of tuberose ever, ambergris and tonka musk. PERFUMER – Calice Becker.

Give Beyond Love a try if you like tuberose or are looking for a warm tuberose. Try it if you like scents like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Annick Goutal Passion, Carolina Herrera, Nasomatto Narcotic Venus, and/or Beyond Kilian Love & Tears. If you dislike most classic tuberose fragrances, try Beyond Love. You may like it.

Projection and longevity are average to above average depending on how much you apply. I see this scent as a “casual tuberose” but I wouldn’t consider it casual enough for most work environments. I think it’s a great weekend or casual night on the town type of fragrance.

The 1.7 oz EDP retails for $225 at MiN NY. Travel sizes are also available.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA warm tuberose with grains of salty sand. I really enjoy wearing this one. The only thing keeping me from a bottle is the price. I need to wear it some more before committing to a $225 bottle. On a side note, my husband loves this scent on me.

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*Sample provided By Kilian through a Facebook campaign. Product pic from MiN NY. Marilyn Monroe photo 1949, photographer Andre de Dienes.

9 thoughts on “By Kilian Beyond Love EDP Perfume Video Review

  1. Agree 100% This is a very well done fragrance. I have a small sample and i will save it when i go to the beach this fall. However i believe it’s great for any occasion myself. It’s not very loud at all however on me it doesn’t last. 1-10 i give this fragrance an 8.

    1. I think I like it because it isn’t too loud. Those notes have reputation of wearing you but they don’t in this one.

  2. […] Tubéreuse is a soliflore opening with as a citrus white floral with peachy aldehydes. The heart is a peachy white floral – mostly gardenia and tuberose. It’s a warm, creamy white floral, instead of a “cool” one. Tubéreuse dries down to something that is softer than the heart with an addition of a sheer musk that reminds me of By Kilian Beyond Love.  […]

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