Bvlgari Red Tea Au The Rouge Perfume Review

This is one of the many tea based fragrances out there. Not many of them actually smell like “tea”, just tea inspired. However, Bvlgari Red Tea is much more bolder than its tea siblings: Green and White. It is fresh while being spicy.

Au Thé Rouge is an orange pekoe black tea with tons of pink pepper. The opening is citrus and a spicy, fruity pink pepper. The heart is like tea and fig fruit. The dry down is soft, still very orange pekoe-ish but with a slight “warmth” to it to make it stick around. It is slightly “nutty” and burnt.

It’s one of my favorites to wear in the summer. It’s refreshing without being a generic “eau de cologne”

The 2.5 oz bottle retails for $97 at Sephora.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!


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