Burberry The Beat EDP Perfume Review

Burberry The Beat for Women perfume

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Burberry The Beat reminds me of how a GAP store smells. It’s difficult to explain,  but it does. It is a mix of air conditioner, cotton, and obviously, GAP scents (specifically GAP Stay, so maybe it isn’t so difficult to explain).

The Beat opens with a kick of bergamot and tea. It reminds me of unbrewed Ceylon earl grey black tea. But, The Beat isn’t earthy tea or dried black tea-like. It’s citrusy in the way that Ceylon tea is citrusy. Underneath all of the tea, there is lots of clean pink pepper and white musk. This keeps the tea from being too “tea”. And it keeps The Beat mainstream. And it is what drowns out that teeny hint of creamy cardamom. With a bit more time, I get more of the pink pepper, clean musk, and spring flowers. It is like you mixed Penhaligons Bluebell with Bvlgari Thé Blanc and Thé Rouge. It’s pretty, too pretty. The Beat could benefit from some black tea leathery earthiness. (I heard that the Elixir has this and I must try it. I think I may love it). Anyways, The Beat wears like spring. It’s a cool ozone floral; the heart is all bluebell and white musk. The dry-down still has that cool, spring bluebell with a bit of warm, modern cedar. In a way, I’m reminded of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue at the dry-down. And I’m reminded of the GAP again. This dry down reminds me of clean or new cotton shirts. The Beat seems like a GAP scent in disguise. It’s more American mall than British classic luxury.

For a mainstream fragrance, especially a mainstream fragrance marketed to young people… remember the hipster music campaign and Agyness Deyn with this launch… Burberry The Beat isn’t bad. Burberry seems to make mainstream scents that I like such as Burberry (classic) for Her, Burberry Weekend for Her, and Burberry Weekend for Him. I’m really surprised that I didn’t hear more about The Beat and that it has disappeared, well overshadowed by “sport” scents. The Beat had a short existence and I don’t  know why. Obviously, something even more generic came along and swooped the mainstream mall masses off their Skechered feet. (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Skechers! Just ask Kathy Griffin). Anyways, like D&G Light Blue, this isn’t bad. I need to try the Elixir. It is described as having more tea and iris. With more tea and iris, this could be a mainstream scent that I’d wear frequently. Right now, it is something I can like on other people but wouldn’t go and buy for myself.

Burberry The Beat ad

Notes listed include bergamot, mandarin, Ceylon tea, cardamom, pink pepper, bluebell, iris, white musk, vetiver, and cedarwood.

Give Burberry The Beat a try if you like clean, floral tea scents. Or scents like Lacoste Pour Femme, Bvlgari Omnia, Dolce & Gabbana for Her, GAP Stay, Bvlgari Thé Rouge, CK One, and/or Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly.

Burberry The Beat EDP comes in a few sizes and prices retails from $55 to $86. It is available at most department stores and Sephora and Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONThe GAP – clean cotton mixed with delicate floral “mall” scents. It isn’t bad. I may pick up a bottle at a super cheap price.

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8 thoughts on “Burberry The Beat EDP Perfume Review

  1. I actually really like this. I think the bottle is cute too. My 2nd favorite from Burberry is Brit. I like Brit in the winter and Beat in the summer.

    1. Oh, forgot about Brit. That one is really nice for a mainstream scent, it’s the toasted almond one, right?
      I do like the Beat, but it could use more tea and iris. But, that doesn’t mean I think it’s bad. We’re just spoiled, you know.

  2. Don’t askme to explain, but I love this. For me, it’s such an easy fragrance to wear! A total no brainer and it gives to “good smelling vibe” as opposed to the “I’m wearing XXXX” vibe (you know? when you don’t what to be the center of attention or turn heads).
    I’m amazed Burberry is so common in other places. In my country is quite difficult to find and it’s very expensive on retail stores. That’s why I’m quite happy with my Brit,The Beat and London as almost no one else have them.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Some days we want to smell good. We don’t need something fancy or complicated. This is one of those fragrances for me. I think it is very well done. It smells balanced, sophisticated but casual.
      I really thought this one would be more popular here because it has a D&G Light Blue for Her feel. But, it wasn’t. I rarely ever see it at a department store. I ended up getting my bottle at an online discount site for a steal.

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