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Burberry Body EDP Perfume Review


 Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I thought the Burberry Body ad campaign was very beautiful. The bottle caught my attention. I’m not a Burberry “fan girl” but I do like the original feminine and Weekend. I was excited to try this new fragrance even though I haven’t liked any of their recent launches. I sniffed Body in store a few times. I was completely disappointed. My husband called it “Bath and Burberry Works” because the scent seemed so generic and dull. I got a sample and tried it outside of the overwhelming mall environment. I was surprised by how “throwback” Body is.

Burberry Body Perfume

Body opens as a “soapy” floral. It’s borderline “screechy” because of the clean freesia (a note that I find difficult in most mainstream scents). Luckily for me, this burns off quickly. I’m left with a very clean floral with peachy-rose. It takes me a minute to realize why Body is so familiar…it’s an updated Lancôme Trésor! Powdery peach-rose with a present warm, clean musk from the start. Body becomes a soft rose-peach-orris with good projection. It’s a powdery, soft floral for 90% of the wear. The base gets a little woodier.

Because of the projection and longevity and the fact that it reminds me of Trésor, Body reminds me of an early 1990’s fragrance. It has the power of an 1980’s feminine but it doesn’t have that “rich bitch” theme that so many 1980’s feminines. Instead it has that “clean and pretty” theme of so many early 1990’s feminines. I find Burberry Body very boring but I can’t deny that it is well-done. It really is an updated Trésor. I dont’ know if you’ve sniffed the recent (awful) Trésor flankers, but if you have, you understand when I say “Not even Lancôme can successfully recreate and modernize Trésor“. But, Burberry did!

Notes listed include freesia, green absinth, peach, rose, iris, sandalwood, Cahsmerean musk, amber and vanilla.

Give Burberry Body a try if you like soft, powdery florals or if you like perfumes like Lancôme Trésor, Calvin Klein Eternity, Calvin Klein Escape, Heidi Klum Shine, The Body Shop White Musk, J.Lo Glow, and/or Avon Night Magic Evening Musk.

Sizes of Burberry Body range from 1.1 oz-2.8 oz with prices ranging from $56-$115 at Amazon.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA clean, warm peach+rose+iris – An updated Trésor. I think it’s well done, not exciting, but well done.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Ulta. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Burberry Body EDP Perfume Review

    1. I used to shy away from them too. But, I feel I should at least keep up with some of the trends. Plus, it helps me to appreciate the good stuff 😉

      My husband is such a snarky non-perfume perfume snob.

  1. (not related to the perfume) I like your hair in that video.

    (related to the perfume) When I tried it I thought that I liked it. But since then I never felt compelled to wear it. So, yeah – well done but boring.

    Also, I think that one of the more popular and well-received recent releases in dry down smells very similar to Burberry Body I just can’t remember about which one I though that and I don’t have my notes with me now.
    Undina recently posted..In the Search for the Perfect Fig

    1. Thanks. I’m contemplating growing my hair out. I hate the “in between” stage, so it’s good to hear that it doesn’t look awful 🙂

      It is well-done, but it’s dull. If I was forced to merely “smell good” then maybe I’d reach for something like this.
      I find that most of these mainstream perfumes seem to have a very similar warm “modern” woods dry-down that is like generic woods+warm powdery musk…Cosmone. It’s nice but tiring.

  2. I love the scent and that particular smell that they have. I am totally into it and that I feel incomplete if I don’t have one in my bag. It’s not luxury but either giving up myself a favor and pampering moment.
    Othela recently posted..burberry

  3. I totally agree on the Trèsor comparison, but I like Body better. Trèsor has a really bitter note that it’s one those most disgusting things I’ve ever smelled and Body doesn’t have it, hence why I like (quite a simple explanation, isn’t it?)

    1. You don’t need to explain yourself! 😉 I LOVE the Tresor powder but that is mainly for nostalgic reasons.

      1. I tried Trèsor In Love, but I found it so boring! It’s the original Trèsor without the bitter note and without almost all the good stuff, too. I hate that note of Trèsor but the rest of the scent it’s fantastic. Sadly that damn note is too strong and bitter on my skin, like if I rubbed some kind of weed. Body is more interesting than Trèsor In Love.

        1. I have a sample of Tresor in Love that I’ve yet to try. I sniffed it at the store and it had no impact on me.

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