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Boxwalla Beauty Box Review & Spoiler – February

The theme for the February Boxwalla* Beauty Box was beauty products to help you channel your inner Cleopatra. That statement alone was enough for me to want to try this box. This time of year is dull and fills me with the blahs. If it weren’t for pampering products and rituals like warm baths, I know I’d be feeling even more “blah”. In February, a Cleopatra-inspired routine of milk baths, rose petals and honey sounds perfect.

Here’s what’s in it – SPOILER:

Boxwalla February Beauty Box


Lalun Naturals MOON Butter (10g jar, $18) – Well, what do you know? I’m currently using this Lalun butter in my nightly skincare routine. It’s an all-natural blend of natural butters and oils. A little goes a long way. I use a small amount warmed up on my palms and press it over my serum, prescription treatment and sometimes a lightweight lotion. The scent is a natural sweet blend of coffee, vanilla and tuberose.  I’m very happy to see this included! If your complexion isn’t dry, this product is great for the rest of the body used as a great hand cream, cuticle cream or heel/elbow balm. Trust me, a little jar of this product will last you a very, very long time.

Lalun Natural Winter Rose Toner (1 oz bottle/travel size, $6-ish) – I was really happy to see this included too. This is a product I’ve been wanting to try. I use complexion mists throughout the day to refresh makeup and give me a dewy look. This one has honey added. I use a lot of rose sprays and I can tell that this one is higher quality than what I’m used to based on its aroma. I’ve actually almost used this up already that’s how much I’ve been using it! (Lalun also makes perfumes and I’ve reviewed one here).

Lalun Naturals

RMS Skin2Skin Blush Brush ($34 value) – No kidding, I had this added to a cart a few weeks ago but got distracted and didn’t finish my transaction. It was a sign! I wanted, actually I needed, a synthetic stippling brush for blushes. I had seen this one used in a tutorial with Kjaer Weis cream blushes used over foundation. I liked the look so I thought I’d splurge on this brush. I’m so happy that this was in this box. The brush is great for applying cream blushes and highlighters. I usually fingerpaint but I’m finding that this brush provides a more natural finish and keeps me from applying too much product.

RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile (full-size, $36 value) – This is a cream based product for lips and cheeks. Smile is a pretty hybrid of peach and pink. This is a product that I’ve wanted to try because apparently model Miranda Kerr uses it and her complexion is always perfect. And apparently that’s enough to make me want to try a line. Anyway, I’m absolutely loving this product. It gives me that “peaches and cream” complexion without looking too warm/orange. It brightens my complexion and oddly, makes my blue eyes look so clear and bright. It’s one of those shades that really works for me.

RMS Blush

CocoaPink Goatmilk & Honey Body Lotion in Signature White (6 oz bottle/full-size, about a $12 value) – Initially, I thought this was a new-to-me brand, but when I went to the site, I remembered that I have read about this brand on my Lipstick League sister’s blog, Phyrra. She uses their shampoo and conditioner, I think. The brand offers a TON of fragrances. I remember that because I wanted to buy a shampoo but couldn’t make up my mind when it came to scent. Signature White is a gourmand that smells like vanilla frosting and heliotrope over “blonde woods”. It’s really fragrant, which I admit, makes me want to try their shampoo/conditioner because I like fragrant hair products. The formula is moisturizing and lightweight. The box could also come with a different scent, Amber + Orange, which was specifically created for Boxwalla.

CocoaPink Body Lotion

$106 value – Or roughly. I may be off by a few dollars.

I got really lucky. There were things in this box that I was planning on buying or rebuying. I’ve never had this happen before with a box subscription! I’m really pleased with this box and I received products that won’t be collecting dust somewhere. These are the things that I’ll use daily.

With the second box, I feel I can say with more certainty that this is a good subscription service. And here’s why:

  • There’s a lot of product for the box’s price.
  • The products are less redundant because these brands are less popular. I felt like my issue with boxes like Birchbox was that I was always getting the same brands (like Harvey Prince, ya’ll) over and over again. These brands aren’t the usual “subscription box circuit” brands. In fact, many of these brands will be “new” to even the most obsessed product junkies.
  • The products are great. I feel like they’re in the box because the founders use and honestly want to spread the gospel (dare I say) of these smaller, high-quality brands.
  • I like that it comes every other month because it’s easy with the monthly ones to accumulate a lot of product that you know you won’t end up using.

If you like indie beauty, this is a great box to subscribe to. If you want someone to take the guess work at trying indie beauty brands, this is the best place to start. If you’d like to compare this to the December box, here’s my unboxing. ¹

Boxwalla Beauty boxes are available every two months and retail for $49.95 (and this includes shipping).

Also, with the beauty box, all products are cruelty-free; however, most products are not vegan. Most products are natural or natural-ish. I’m not an expert in the arena of cruelty-free and/or natural beauty products, nor does my blog primarily focus on these. I don’t mind synthetic fragrances, beeswax, etc. in my products so I’m happy with this box. Saying that, so far the boxes have contained products that are not vegan or contain synthetic scents.

*What is Boxwalla? Boxwalla is a box subscription service. Or you can buy them one-time. What makes Boxwalla different than a lot of other services is that there are four themes or interests: Beauty, Book, Food and Film. The boxes are available every two months and you can choose which type of box you’d like.

¹I commented on the actual boxes in December because they’re really nice. I’ve since found out they are ethically handmade in India from tree-free paper (cotton scraps). They’re awesome for storage.

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*Box was provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics are mine.


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  1. I could not agree with you more regarding the reasons why to subscribe to Boxwalla. I have loved both boxes and can’t wait to see what April has in store! I actually posted a YouTube review of the Feb box, my first one ever, eek!


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