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Boxwalla Beauty Box Review – December


Boxwalla is a new box subscription service. Or you can buy them one-time. What makes Boxwalla different than a lot of other services is that there are four themes or interests: Beauty, Book, Food and Film. The boxes are available every two months and you can choose which type of box you’d like.

The Beauty Box focuses on cruelty-free, artisanal products. Because of that, I think it will introduce people to a lot of small, high-quality brands that they may otherwise not try.

Boxwalla sent me their inaugural Beauty Box. It’s inspired by “Winter Evenings”. I received this box on a rainy December evening when I was soaked and grumpy. This box had everything that I wanted to unwind on a stressful evening.

Here’s what’s in it:

Boxwalla subscription

Aura Candle in Grounded (travel tin, $14 value) – The box sent out a mix of Muse, Luscious or Grounded. I’m very lucky because this is one of the few Aura scents that I haven’t tried. And I love it! It’s a green fig that is a nice “dupe” of Diptyque Philosykos. Like all the other Aura candles that I’ve tried, this one burns evenly and has excellent throw. It’s my new favorite fig candle. Regarding the other two, I have both of those. They are amazing.

Lilikoi Living Bamboo Buff Exfoliating Facial Wash (4 oz full-size, $32 value) – This is a new-to-me skincare brand. It’s a natural exfoliating wash that smells like Fruity Pebbles. And until now, I didn’t realize how much Fruity Pebbles smells like natural citrus oils and passion fruit. This wash is too much for my dry skin for daily use. I think it’s best for me to use this once a week.

Aunt Nancy’s Soap in Carrot & Goat Milk ($6 value) – This is an unscented goat milk soap that I think is gentle enough for even very sensitive skin types.

Aunt Nancy’s Soap in Christmas Spice ($6 value) – This is a goat milk soap with a spicy scent of clove paired perfectly with evergreens. Usually I’m rather finicky when it comes to “Christmas” scents like this; however, this one smells amazing. This was another new-to-me brand.

Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream in Snow Drop (1 oz, $10 value) – Soap and Paper Factory has such cute packaging. They remind me of little oil paint tubes. The holiday edition is about half the size of their “regular” hand creams. The scent of this one is a boozy vanilla and sandalwood. It reminded me of something and I finally put it together. It reminds me of TokyoMilk Dead Sexy. It moisturizes without feeling heavy. The scent actually lingers around but that’s fine with me. I like its aroma.

Hurraw! Moon Balm ($4ish value)  – I’ve been meaning to try this natural lip balm line for years. The scent is Blue Chamomile Vanilla which reminds me of vanilla oatmeal cookies. The formula is so smooth with just the right amount of slickness. This is going to get used daily. I also can’t wait to try other scents/flavors from this brand. The formula is just as the brand promises – smooth, moisturizing and with no “dragging”.

•$72 value. That’s my estimate, so I may be off a few bucks.

Like all subscription services, you don’t know what you’re going to get. That’s both a pro and a con with these. There’s going to be items you love and some that may not work for you. For a first box, I was impressed. This was all the sort of stuff that I’ll use. The only miss for me may be the face wash, but honestly I haven’t used it enough to really form an opinion. The next box is Valentine’s themed which sounds good to me. I’m such a sucker for traditional Valentine-y things like chocolate and roses.

Boxwalla subscription box

The box itself is nice. I’m going to use it to store my Korean sheet masks or skincare samples.

Overall, I think it’s a good service. I think it’s something worth trying if you want more exposure to small, indie beauty brands. Or if you want a beauty box that offers full-size products.

Each box is $49.95 and available at Boxwalla. 

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*Disclaimer – Box provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own.  Pics are mine.

19 thoughts on “Boxwalla Beauty Box Review – December

  1. Lucky you Victoria,
    What a cool way to finish the year. Lavanya seems very dedicated to sharing some great value, innovative, independent creators of day to day stuff. I loved the idea of the book box too.
    Thanks for the link love.
    Portia xxx

    1. Your interview really highlights the thought that goes into these boxes. I think it’s going to introduce people to a lot of quality products that they may not usually try out.

      I love the idea of the book box. There are a few “reveals” of those up now. The books all sound wonderful. Actually, this one may be good for me because I love reading but get exhausted by the “hunt” for new things.

  2. Hurraw balms are amazing, I’ve got the Moon Balm, the Cherry one and the Earl Grey. The last is particularly excellent, the scents, textures and moisturizing are really exceptional. I was initially really skeptical of raw vegan organic etc, but that line’s actually pretty great.

    1. I love it. If any of the others are nearly as good as this one, I’m buying them up. I LOVE the idea of the Earl Grey one. I’m also intrigued by Vata (rose/cardamom) and Licorice. The temps have dropped and I need lip balm! So happy that I finally tried this line because I could see it becoming my new favorite “day” balms. And yes, I’m usually skeptical of “crunchy” skincare but this is an excellent lip balm in any category.

  3. This looks excellent! I want all but I’m trying to narrow down which type of box to get. Gotta at least try to save SOME money 😉 I’ve never tried a subscription box but this seems like the one to take the plunge on!

    (P.s. I really hope this comment goes through. I don’t know why but a lot of my comments disappear after I hit post.)

    1. I haven’t had a subscription box in a very, very long time. I’m very tempted to plunge and do one one of these.

      Portia brought to my attention that some of these may be going to my spam comment folder. Guess what? They are! So, I’ll check for any of yours too. I have no clue why this is happening. It’s frustrating.

      1. I am so glad I finally got to mention it to you! A comment of mine went through not too long ago and I didn’t mention it but then it wouldn’t post again. It’s weird that they’re going to spam but at least they’re going somewhere, I suppose.

        1. I’m happy it was brought to my attention. I never look at the spam folder because it’s usually nonsensical spam!
          A few weeks ago there was a WordPress update. No clue if that has anything to do with it or what. It’s weird. Makes me wonder if I’m missing anyone else’s 🙁

  4. The Hurraw lip balms sound amazing! I have several on my list to order. The Vata (rose cardamom) one and the almond one sounds especially lovely.

      1. You two inspired me to make a purchase and I got the vata one, chai, earl grey, and the moon balm because I always need a night balm! My current fave is alteya organics replenishing lip balm with Bulgarian rose and as you can see, I’m a sucker for chai and spice! Recent purchases have been burts bees pumpkin spice and Stewart & Claire’s Winter.

        1. I don’t know what the others are like, but I like Moon Balm. It’s smooth.

          I’ve always wondered what the Alteya ones are like. I love rose. Currently, I’m using a Japanese brand that smells like rosewater. It has SPF so I use it during the day.
          I love spice this time of year too. I also like gourmands like vanilla or almond this time of year too.

      2. I was just going to say I thought you would like the Vata. because. rose. cardamom. yum. It was my second favorite but the moon balm was more moisturizing on my lips.

        1. I have balms stashed everywhere – by the bed, desk at home, desk at studio, bag, on the sofa end table…I can never have too many!

          Moon Balm feels wonderful. It’s so smooth and the flavor is wonderful.

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