Bourbon French Parfums Marguerite EDT Fragrance Review

To enhance the reading of this review of Bourbon French Parfums Marguerite, I suggest you play the EauMG “drinking” game. Grab your favorite perfume. When you come across the word “aldehyde” in singular or plural form, spritz yourself with your fragrance.

vintage Ivory Soap ad

Marguerite opens as a new bar of Ivory soap. It’s a sharp scent with aldehydes, white florals over musks that are both creamy but powdery. Like I said, the fragrance opens as sharp aldehydes and barbershop green violet leaves. Oh, have I mentioned aldehydes? Those are in here. This is a clean, soapy fragrance.

Described as “A light, clean, spicy fragrance

Give this fragrance a try if you want to smell like Ivory soap or if you like perfumes like Demeter Pure Soap, Clean fragrance line, Philosophy Pure Grace, and/or Clinique Chemistry for Men. Because this is such a bar of soap fragrance, I see this scent as unisex. It’s good for anybody that wants their personal fragrance to smell like the functional fragrance in white soap bars that are known for their ability to float.

Projection is above average because of the aldehydes. Longevity is below average…because of the aldehydes.

This line is really affordable. You can get a 4 oz EDT of this fragrance for $36 at Bourbon French Parfums. Yes, that’s $9 an ounce.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA bar of Ivory soap. For those that want to smell squeaky clean.

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*Sample provided by my wonderful perfume pal Kathleen. Vintage Ivory soap ad from Found in Mom’s Attic.

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    1. Oh, that’s where I honeymooned!
      It’s funny because I’ve spent wayyy too much time in New Orleans and I’ve never been to Bourbon French Parfums. I’m embarrassed by that fact.
      And there’s a luxury, niche perfume shop in New Orleans now. Rats, I can’t remember the name!

        1. Please share any other perfumes there that you love. I only have samples of a few but I like them. The few I’ve tried have a pre-1980’s Estee Lauder-ish feel but are dirt cheap.
          Avery! I actually thought of it while driving this week, lol.

          I was pretty darn goth at that time. We visited graveyards in the Garden District, industrial clubs and various “macabre” type boutiques. Seriously, it’s so goth there that they can support numerous cape stores.

        2. You’ve got to go to Cafe du Monde – on the aroma! If you like antique shopping, there’s lots of that.
          Many of the West African restaurants and import shops that I love are no longer there after Katrina 🙁

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