Bourbon French Parfums La Vie Nouvelle EDT Perfume Review

Mary Brian


If you love perfume and if you are (or are ever) in New Orleans, you really need to check out this little perfume house, Bourbon French Parfums. You will leave with something. Everyone does. You’ll probably leave with a lot of things, but the prices are really affordable. You can leave with like five bottles for the price of one bottle of European niche perfume.

I’ve tried a few from the brand and I’m attracted to their florals. There’s a nice vintage-y quality to many of the Bourbon French Parfums that I’ve tried. If you’re a sucker for floral from the 1960’s, 1970’s and oddly, the early 1990’s, this is a line for you to try.

La Vie Nouvelle is a squeaky clean floral with Southern humidity. It opens with a crisp white tea and bergamot. It starts to wear a heady, white lily with a green-leaning tuberose. It dries down to this floral green tea musk that is fresh but not in a soapy way. It dries down to a clean musk that brings to mind scents like China Rain or J.Lo Glow. It’s like soap and then clean skin.

I’ve tried the EDT, but it’s available in other concentrations. I have a feeling that the EDP is probably really good. I like this perfume but I wouldn’t mind for it to have a little more body to it. This brand is really affordable, so “upgrading” to an EDP (or even parfum) isn’t that big of a deal.

Notes listed include white tea, grapefruit, bergamot, lily, vanilla, tuberose and dark musk.

Give La Vie Nouvelle a try if you like clean florals. Or perfumes like Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, Byredo La Tulipe, J.Lo Glow, aroma M Geisha Blanche, Paul Sebastian Casual, Jessica McClintock and/or Diptyque Olene.

Projection and longevity is average.

The 4 oz EDT retails for $38 at Bourbon French Parfums. It’s also available in other concentrations (EDP, parfum) and bath/body products.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONClean, humid white floral. Being someone that likes florals, Bourbon French never disappoints me.

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*Sample obtained by me. Mary Brian in “River of Love” (1929) from


6 thoughts on “Bourbon French Parfums La Vie Nouvelle EDT Perfume Review

  1. That looks like an interesting line of perfumes! I was curious: have you ever had a fragrance custom made for you?

    1. I haven’t! But, that’s my excuse to go back, right?

      A family member has. It’s a “secret” but I can tell it has a lot of white florals and some vetiver. She gets the entire bath/body line in the scents too. It’s really cool because your custom scent is kept on file. And the price is practically “free” in the niche perfume world at $90.

  2. I love New Orleans and have been there many times, including, God help me, last July. Despite the 100 degree heat and humidity in the Quarter, I was finally able to visit Bourbon French, hurricane in hand. I fell in love with Huiles 85 because even through the brain fog I could tell it would be great in the cold, harsh reality of February in the Midwest and it has been wonderfully cozy and warm all winter long, especially the lotion. I am looking forward to my next visit to Bourbon French when I can ditch my family and browse to my hearts content.

    1. You are so brave. I try to avoid that region in the summer because that humidity and heat transforms me into a monster.

      I want to go back since now my tastes lean more floral. Back then, my tastes leaned less-floral so I’m familiar with all the brand’s “Masculines” including Huiles 85 which really is great. I get the body products as gifts yearly, scents like Huiles 85, Eau de Noir and Vetivert. I HIGHLY recommend the their lotions and shower gels. If you ask, they’ll put any of the soaps on a rope, which is so old school that I love it.

      Next time, I’m ditching the family too and exploring all those florals that I crave now and maybe I’ll even get a custom made!

  3. I’ve had such a list for this brand since forever! Almost as long as I’ve been meaning to make it to New Orleans 😉 Really though, It’s been on my travel list ever since I was really young. Have you been? I recently found a creole deli here and while it’s delicious, I’d love to try the real thing. (Also hope this doesn’t go to the spam folder. My last comment from lipstick league doesn’t show)

    1. I haven’t been to New Orleans in many years. But, I’ve said I’m going to go back this year for a visit.

      I guess I have a long history with New Orleans being that is where half my family is from, Creole maternal grandma. After Katrina, the people still living down there ended up in various cities in other parts of the South. A few have moved back. It’s one of my favorite cities in the country and if I could talk David into the moving back, I’d be there like yesterday. Long story short, you should go! And now you have a perfume excuse 🙂

      I’ll check. I thought it’s been quiet around here but didn’t check spam folder.

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