Boucheron B de Boucheron EDP Perfume Review

B by Boucheron EDP

I would say that B by Boucheron is the least talked about fragrance by Boucheron and it is the most recent Boucheron perfume launch (2008).  I really enjoy Jaïpur for men and for women. The original feminine Boucheron was lovely before it was reformulated. And I didn’t mind Trouble. I find it odd that B de Boucheron is so unpopular but at the same time it is something that I’d never wear.

B opens as zesty pink peppercorns with florals peeking through. Strangely, you notice the pink peppercorns but it isn’t the focus and it isn’t overwhelming; it’s almost delicate. The top is aldehydic and dazzling and slightly fruity. Like all aldehydes, these die too quickly. I get this dry peppery cedar that reminds me of lead pencil shavings with this soft, fuzzy peach-like osmanthus. The osmanthus takes center stage. It’s soft and fuzzy, floral and peachy…and it starts to get “chewy” and reminds me of dried apricots with delicate tea-like blossoms. I enjoy the heart. There is a hint of vanilla in this making it all smooth. The dry-down is woodsy, warm and musky. I’m not too wild about the dry-down because it reminds me of too many mainstream perfumes launched after 2008. And most hardcore perfume lovers may dislike the “dated” pink peppercorn opening, finding it too generic.

Dorothy Lamour in fur

B is a grown-up fragrance that smells refined. It doesn’t smell juvenile. Something about B is too polished and almost trying too hard. B de Boucheron isn’t “me” (maybe it makes me feel like I’m trying too hard). I can’t describe it but I know that I won’t be rushing out to buy a bottle at any price but I will use up my sample.

Notes listed include pink peppercorns, osmanthus, and sandalwood. PERFUMER – Ursula Wandel

Give B de Boucheron a try if you like spicy floral fragrances or woodsy floral ambers or perfumes like Gucci Guilty for Her, Armani Mania for Her, Burberry The Beat for Her, and/or Lancôme Hypnôse Senses. I see B de Boucheron as a feminine fragrance for mature women. And when I say mature, I mean the group that the industry usually ignores, you know, people over 20.

I think the perfume has below average to average projection. And the longevity is below average on my skin. I can only get about 3 hours of wear. Personally, this irritates me at B de Boucheron’s retail price.

The 1.6 oz. EDP spray retails for $110 and the 3.3 oz. for $155 at Neiman Marcus. *You can find this perfume heavily discounted at places like Fragrancenet, and 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA spicy pink pepper osmanthus floral with a warm musky dry-down. It isn’t a ground-breaking fragrance but it is pretty.

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