Bottega Veneta Knot Perfume Review

Bottega Veneta Knot

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When Bottega Veneta Knot was launched, I included it in my yearly round-up – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Perfumes. I joked that the name, even though it’s inspired by the brand’s classic clutch, sounds very “Wayne’s World“¹. Bottega Veneta…KNOT! The next year, I tried Knot in a department store and all I remember from that brief sampling is ORANGE BLOSSOMS. Now that I’m going through a major orange blossom phase, it’s the right time to give Knot a serious wearing.

The opening of Knot is like linden blossoms. It’s honeyed florals, almost like honeysuckle, but with lime zest. Knot is primarily an orange blossom perfume. It’s one of those orange blossoms that dazzles but leans syrupy (it isn’t “sheer” like neroli but “full-bodied”). It does have a clean laundry vibe but not too much of it. It smells like a linen spritzed in a Mediterranean-style orange blossom/lavender cologne and left in the sun to dry. As cliché as it may sound, Knot smells like clean linens in the best way possible. Knot dries down to a clean floral that reminds me of those starched linens (lavender with sunshine warmth) but now there’s an addition of a green, mossy rose. It’s a lovely perfume and nothing to laugh at.

Although different than the modern suede chypre, Bottega Veneta, Knot is equally as gorgeous. This designer brand is really creating perfumes that are as elegant and timeless as their leather goods.

Suzy Parker

Notes listed include clementine, mandarin, lime, neroli, orange blossom, peony, white rose, lavender, musk and tonka. Launched in 2014. PERFUMER – Daniela Andrier

Give Knot a try if you like orange blossom or linden perfumes. Or if you like perfumes like Tauer Zeta, Chloé Eau de Fleurs Nèroli, L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons, Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger and/or Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs.

Projection and longevity are average (to above average, depending on how much you wear).

Knot is available in two sizes with prices ranging from $125-$160 at Nordstrom. Sometimes it can be found at discounters like 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA full-bodied orange blossom. It’s a really beautiful perfume and I can’t believe I’m just now paying attention to it.

¹Guidance for those of you that can’t remember the 90’s.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Suzy Parker pic by Georges Dambier from georges, Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Bottega Veneta Knot Perfume Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I love orange blossom. Have you tried Eau Amiable/Botanical Cologne of Love by
    Le Couvent des Minimes? Great stuff!

    I see peony listed as a note in Knot. I’m always concerned because too much peony can make perfume smell very generic, IMO. But , it sounds like that’s not the case here.

    On a side note, years ago, I read a newspaper article that said that Parker Posey (one of my favorite actresses) was named after Suzy Parker.

    1. Yes, I have and it is great stuff 🙂 It’s a really great perfume for the money.

      See, I’m a peony-phobe because I lived through the late 90’s/early 00s when all the mall scents smelled like that. When I saw that in the notes when this was launched, I was like “Yeah, I’ll pass” because I thought it would be a “safe” floral AKA generic designer floral. But, after wearing this a few times, I don’t pick up on anything that reminds me of peony. It leans soapy but not overly so and somehow makes that soapiness work in its favor.

      I didn’t know that but it makes sense! I actually assumed it was like her mother’s maiden name or something. I finally feel so “NY” now that I’ve seen her casually walking down the street.

  2. I really like Knot too. When it first came out and samples abounded, I wore it many times and even considered a FB because I do like its design. But honestly, before Knot, I didn’t think I liked orange blossom heavy perfumes because I didn’t try very many and the one people raved about – L’Artisan Séville à L’Aube – smells strongly of corn tortillas IMO. But Knot has a more juicy feel to it that was easier for me to accept as ‘orange’ and not ‘dusty scratchy lime’. I ended up passing on a bottle because the clean musk did eventually tire my nose. But I do still enjoy wearing it occasionally. The only other OB I have worn significantly is Yves Rocher OB cologne. I wore almost half a bottle of that this summer. Mmm 🙂

    1. I didn’t pay much attention to it and I don’t know why.

      I’ve always liked neroli in perfumes but was so picky about orange blossoms. These days, I love anything neroli/orange blossom. I think for a designer perfume, this one is excellent. It’s juicy but floral. It smells like clean linen but not like you know, White Linen.

      Oh, that YR OB is so awesome. I love how light/clean/fresh it is. It is perfect for summer. It’s what I’ve worn a lot this past summer.

  3. Hi Victoria, I’m de-lurking to say thank you for the fun fragrance thoughts you share. I remembered I had a sample of Knot from a few years ago and sampled it again today. I get the clean laundry feel, which usually puts me off a fragrance, but I keep sniffing because there are very pretty florals there, too. I’m glad I tried it again.

    1. 🙂

      I’m usually not into the clean laundry thing either but those florals make it enjoyable. I’m happy I retried Knot as well!

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