Bottega Veneta EDP Perfume Review

Bottega Veneta EDP

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I love when a fashion line’s fragrance actually “matches” the brand. So many fashion lines launch unrelated perfumes and hope that their name will sell it. And this does work. But, there is something truly remarkable about a line that creates a signature scent for their signature. Bottega Veneta the brand and the perfume “match”. It’s a fragrance as soft as luxury leather with a timeless sophstication.

With Bottega Veneta I get the bottom first. I immediately pick up on this wonderful dry patchouli and moss. And then I get the lift of the top notes. It’s as if the perfume is woven like the leather goods. Top woven with the base notes. The pepper is spicy, a slightly fruity pink pepper over delicate florals touched by sea breeze. The scent is very soft and suede-like. The heart becomes this mix of patchouli, moss and suede mingling with delicate florals. The dry-down is vanilla suede.

This is an exceptional mainstream launch. It’s accessible sophistication. You can really wear the elegance of Bottega Veneta for $100.

Rosemary Lane

Notes listed include Italian bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine sambac, oak moss, patchouli, and more patchouli. Launch date 2011. PERFUMER – Michel Almairac

Try Bottega Veneta if you are looking for a very soft chypre. Or if you like perfumes like Clinique Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve, Aqua di Parma Profumo, Guerlain Myrrh et Delires, and/or Serge Lutens Daim Blond.

Bottega Veneta wears closely but it appears other people can smell it on me. Longevity is average.

Bottega Veneta comes in 1.7-2.5 oz bottles with prices ranging from $100-$135 at Nordstrom. It’s also available at Harrods (UK). And sometimes you can find it on discount at places like Fragrancenet or Lily Direct.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSoft, smooth modern leather chypre. You guys, I’m absolutely love’n this one. I need a bottle.

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*Sample given to me by a Nordstrom sales associate. Product pic from Rosemary Lane pic from Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Bottega Veneta EDP Perfume Review

    1. It didn’t wow me in store because of that. After trying it at home, I feel in love with it. Sometimes I don’t want a showy perfume and this one is perfect for those moods.

  1. I like this. Don’t know if I like it enough to but an fb though. I like my leather a little more hard core. Knize Ten, Cuir d’Ottoman This type of leather. This is sorta what I expected from Coach. Not the endless renditions of ‘Poppy’ florals.

    1. I go in and out of “aggressive” leather phases. I like the ones that you mentioned too. I just like how subtle Bottega Veneta is, nice for “day” wear.

      Coach Poppy is a fail IMO. None of those “match” the brand at all. Same ‘ole thing with a Coach logo on it. Drives me crazy! What is the point of launching a fragrance if doesn’t help to tell your brand’s story?

  2. I purchased this one blind upon the thumbs up of a friend. So glad I did as it is a very comforting non overpowering beautifully done luxury fragrance.

    1. To me, it smells luxurious. Beautiful for daily wear. Glad that you like it, especially since you blind bought it!

  3. Hi! I bought this frag some time ago and was waiting for cold weather to break it out. Didn’t get too cold here in SoCal but once or twice every time I wear BV I feel so chic and grown up ;-). After wading your review I decided to do a side-by-side of BV and Daim Blond. WOW!! I have found my new love…. BOTH. They are amazing together. My hubby even commented on how fantastic they were together. Give it a go.

    1. I’m jealous about it not getting cold 😉 But, I do think that it isn’t so heavy that it would suffocate those around you if you wore it on a warmer day (warmer by my WA standard, lol).

      I agree with hubs. I bet you smell lovely!

    1. Sometimes I do want this. And considering all the other offerings from designers selling in department stores, this is a great fragrance.

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