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Botanicus Blue Bamboo Room Spray Review

Botanicus Blue Bamboo

Blue Week – 4. 10 – 4. 17

I have always thought that if you vacation, that you should assign a home fragrance to the place that you are staying because this scent will remind you of your trip later. For beach vacations, I bring with me Botanicus Blue Bamboo. This is my relaxed, no-worries-in-the-world home fragrance. This is what I have assigned Blue Bamboo to be. When I spray it, I’m reminded of happy times with my spouse spent on warm, sandy beaches.

Botanicus Blue Bamboo is a fresh citrus fragrance with a woodsy base reminiscent of sun-dried driftwood. It’s fresh and pleasant. It’s very Mediterranean/Levantine to me. Blue Bamboo transports me to the lovely Syrian coast or any place that borders the Mediterranean Sea. (The only journeys that I have been on lately are “nose” journeys, sigh).

When first sprayed, Blue Bamboo smells like a sun-dried driftwoods mixed with Mediterranean citron. There’s a subtle or should I say “modern” cedar. It seems like the musk and citrus are bonded. I also get something that reminds me of hot, but clean sand. The overall vibe is fresh without being “sparkling”. Blue Bamboo is smooth, like ocean worn pebbles and wood. I spray this and I’m reminded of mildly warm days on the beach. Blue Bamboo seems like it is being carried in on a breeze, making the crisp white curtains sway.

Blue Bamboo has always reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Her. Actually, I like the Botanicus version much better! No pesky green apple or florals! Blue Bamboo has captured that vibe or the ad campaign that Light Blue went for, blue Mediterranean waters, tanned skin, and crisp white clothing.

Burjeslam Syrian coast

Notes listed include orange, citron, bamboo, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and musk.

Botanicus Room Sprays are alcohol-free. And I think this makes it last longer in the air than alcohol based fragrances. But, as you know, most room sprays don’t linger very long. I notice that Blue Bamboo hangs around for 15 minutes max. The sprays are in frosted glass bottles, pretty enough to have out and about (but not so great for travel). Botanicus products seem like they are much more expensive than their budget friendly price tag. The 3.3 oz. bottle retails for $11 and is available at Botanicus.

Product picture from Botanicus. Burjeslam, Syria photo from Wikipedia.

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