Borghese Fango Mud Mask For Face & Body Review

Borghese Fango Mud Mask Review

Borghese Fango is one of those products that I kept hearing about. People would recommend it to me because it is so “wonderful”. I do like Borghese products. They are very Italian spa and since I’m not visiting an Italian spa anytime soon, this is good. I purchased a gift set that included a full-size tube of Fango.

Fango is a dark green, “volcanic” mud mask with an herbaceous aroma that reminds me of rosemary. The product claims to purify skin, reduce signs of aging, and moisturize. With my experience, I haven’t witnessed these results. In fact, I am surprised to see this mask claim to moisturize. It strips my skin of any moisture that it may have.

You apply a thick coat of Fango to dry, clean skin. Fango takes 10-15 minutes to dry completely. Packaging says 5-10 but it takes longer than that. You wash it off with a wash cloth. This product will most likely stain your cloth, so don’t bust out your favorite monogrammed, embroidered Pottery Barn guest towels.

I’ve never noticed a difference with Fango and I’m almost done with the tube. My skin is usually left very red afterwards and dry. There is absolutely no difference in texture. Obviously, my skin is not the skin type that should be using Fango. I imagine this is better for oilier skins. My friends that raved about Fango have oily skin types. My friends also use this as a body mask saying that it helped with those bumps that occur after shaving. I did this and all it did was burn my legs.

My experience with Fango hasn’t been very positive. I didn’t see any results. I’ve seen better results with Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask which also leaves my skin red but not dry. I think I should stick to moisture masks and if I want one of those “impurity lifting” masks, I’m going to stick to Lancôme Pure Impreinte because it actually works for me.

Have you used this product? If so, what do you think? It seems that I’m the only person on-line that doesn’t like it (well, Paula Begoun doesn’t care for it). I think there is a better mud musk out there for me. It’s bummer because this product was hyped up to me and I do like many Borghese products.

If you do want to try it, Fango comes in 2 sizes. There’s the 7 oz tube, what I have, that retails for about $34. Then there’s the gigantic spa sized glass jar that retails for $64. Borghese Fango can be purchased at

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7 thoughts on “Borghese Fango Mud Mask For Face & Body Review

  1. I’ve never tried this before, and now I definitely won’t ever! I have always used moisture masks, but it’s more of a pampering thing than a necessity. I like Avene’s Soothing Moisture Mask, myself. It’s a tissue-off kind of mask, then I spray my face with Avene (or La Roche Posay) Thermal Spring Water, then towel off. It’s really lovely.

    1. I think masks in general are more pampering than a necessity.
      This Fango is like taking a mud with rosemary ground up and rubbing it on your face. It does nothing for me except dry me out and make my face red.
      Moisture masks are better for me. I really like the Fresh Rose one because it’s all about pampering and that one is one of the most luxurious that I’ve ever used.

  2. I love a good mud mask, and I just can’t find one that works. I have combo skin and it gets soooo congested but I don’t like redness! I have enough problems with that already.

    1. Many people like this one. I can only say that it isn’t for me. I actually think the herbal fragrance is what turns my skin red.
      Have you tried the Lancome Pure Empreinte one? It does wonders for “congestion”. It doesn’t turn my skin red and it smells like ylang-ylang. I use it very frequently in the summer when my skin is prone to build-up.

  3. I love this mud mask…IT ACTUALLY WORKED! 😀 after one application my skin got smoother and my pimples became hardly noticed. But to get the full affect of this product you have to apply it once a week…..DON’T LET IT DRY! it still has to be a little wet when you remove it. It may burn, depending on your skin type, but it goes away after 3 minutes. It is recommended that you keep it wet for about 10 minutes and wipe it off with lukewarm water. It does not stain your towels because i have tried it and it washes off very easily. When I removed it after the first application my skin was brighter and felt refreshed.

    1. I think this product works best for oily skin types. My skin is normal to dry. And this dried me out. However, now looking back, I should of used this as a spot treatment on troubled areas. And I also let it dry. Maybe that’s the problem 😉

      Thank you for sharing your experience with this product! It’s always wonderful and helpful to get other people’s perspectives.

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