Bois 1920 Sandalo e The EDT Perfume Review

Bois 1920 Sandalo e The

Bois 1920 Sandalo e The isn’t what I expected it to be. It’s that same experience that I had with Sushi Imperiale. Sandalo e The is much better than I expected. It reminds me of a pretty rose-tea perfume worn on somebody eating at a taquería. I get cumin, salt, sweet lime-like citrus and I swear, at times cilantro from this. It’s a weird one, because not everyone gets that with Sandalo e The. The impression Sandalo e The varies from person to person more than most perfumes.

Sandalo e The opens as this rosy tea but with this surprising dirty cumin. I love it. It’s this beautiful floral with greenness (that bergamot and “green tea” mix) but it is offset with some spicy filth. Unexpected and brilliant. Husband calls this fragrance “taquería roses”. I love that Sandalo e The has some smut, but it isn’t too dirty to wear like L’Artisan Al Oudh (which smells like crotch on me). Sandalo e The has enough “prettiness” to make it wearable so that you aren’t immediately reminded of B.O. With time, the sandalwood appears. It’s smooth and adds an elegance to the rosy-cumin and fresh bergamot opening. And BAM! I get fresh tobacco leaves and sandalwood. And salt. Lots of salt. Love the base. It’s beautiful.

So, I’m reminded of a very pretty lady wearing a very pretty “green” citrus-rose with sandalwood perfume. She’s ate lunch at the taqueria. This is what she now smells like salty, a hint of cumin, roses and sandalwood. Sounds weird, but it’s so good. It’s easily unisex as well.

Notes listed include tea leaves, cumin, lemon, orange, rosemary, lavender, rose, jasmine, hyacinth, geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, and tobacco leaves. PERFUMEREnzo Galardi

I’m finding that I enjoy wearing this one any time of the year. I like it for day and night. I like it. It’s “normal” but different enough to catch my interest. It’s a floral-green tea-cumin. Neat, huh?

I say give this a try if you can handle cumin. I have a feeling this turns most people off. This may be my favorite “tea” fragrance. So, give it a try if you like tea fragrances. You may be surprised.

The 3.4 oz spray of this Bois 1920 retails for $180 and is available at Luscious Cargo and Fragrancenet (for right now). Rumor has it that this house is going out of business. I say get it while you can. Hmm…think the price has anything to do with the rumored going out of business?

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Taqueria rose tea – Love it. Pretty enough for daily wear but enough salt to keep it interesting.

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*Fragrancenet is an affiliate link. Thanks! La Verdad Taqueria from And yes, it makes me very hungry.

10 thoughts on “Bois 1920 Sandalo e The EDT Perfume Review

  1. wow, you must REALLY like this to turn around a review on it so quickly! 😉 Too bad it’s insanely expensive and probably not going to exist much longer, so I also hear…

    1. Haha, actually, I’ve been working on this review since April. Was in the mood again, wore it today and finally published this damn review.

      So, we hear…

  2. I like the dirty spice, wood and tobacco in this, it make the rose acceptable to me given I’m no fan of rose scents. I get a bit of coriander or maybe peppery celery in the top and that ok level of smuttiness..

    1. It does make this rose tolerable 😉 I get that peppery too. It reminds me of cilantro, so yeah like coriander-pepper-celery.

      I like it because it’s smutty but not nasty.

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