Blooming Dream Herb Garden & Love Bird EDP Natural Perfume Reviews

Blooming Dream is an all-natural line of perfumes based in Portland, Oregon. The perfumes are inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with some of the perfumes’ ingredients coming from the perfumer’s own garden. It’s like “farm to vanity” perfumery.

I’m reviewing two of the perfumes that are available in the organic alcohol-based EDP Collection.

Blooming Dream Herb Garden


Herb Garden with notes of hidcote pink lavender (my favorite), mandarin, sunflower, mimosa, tarragon, ginger lily, olive, zdravets, saffron, vanilla, patchouli  and bay. PERFUMER – Suzinn Weiss

Herb Garden opens with bay and olive leafs with an orange oil spiced with ginger. The pink lavender (yes, that’s really “a thing”), is noticeable. It’s like a fruity lavender. The opening is dry with spices. The heart is like a sunny mimosa with a warm, boozy vanilla and spices. It dries down to a spiced vanilla with patchouli.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Dry herbs and  balsamic vanilla. The perfume wears like the transition of a summer to winter herb garden. It starts out fresh and then smells like dried herbs and spices.

Blooming Dream Love Bird

Love Bird with notes of tagetes, litsea, ginger, orris, cognac and patchouli. PERFUMER – Suzinn Weiss

Love Bird opens as a spicy scent that reminds me of ginger beer. It’s effervescent but not “bright”. Love Bird has a darkness to it. The heart wears like ginger oil and earth. If it were a color, I imagine it being like burnt umber (warm, reddish brown). The dry-down is a spicy patchouli.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Ginger patchouli. Spice and earth.

Both perfumes are worth trying if you like natural perfumes or spicy fragrances. Both of these work well in warm or cool temps. They’re versatile like that.

For natural perfumes, projection and longevity are average. The patchouli in both of these really help these perfumes linger around longer than you’d expect.

The 1 oz retails for $95 at Blooming Dream. Samples are also available for purchase.

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics from the brand.

4 thoughts on “Blooming Dream Herb Garden & Love Bird EDP Natural Perfume Reviews

  1. You’ve reminded me that this is a line I need to pay more attention to! I had a bottle of Blackbird Vert ages ago that I loved and used up. These both sound intriguing.

    1. I think Blackbird Vert is my favorite from the line because it’s so sharp, green and refreshing. But, I’m drawn to scents like that 🙂 The others are good for anyone that likes spicy or herbal scents.

  2. Thanks for the nice review!
    I just reformulated Love Bird and would love to send you a new sample.
    The new version accentuates the darkness.
    I love Blackbird Vert too. I think of it as one of my most artful creations.

    1. Thanks! I look forward to trying it.

      Blackbird Vert is the sort of thing I need to be wearing during this hot, humid days!

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