BLOOD Concept O EDP Perfume Review

BLOOD Concept O perfume

BLOOD Concept O is a perfume created by a perfume house inspired by blood types. It’s a “concept” and like traditional perfume. 50% of the perfumes in this concept make me cringe and the other two are OK. Concept O is one of those “OK” ones in the group. Strangely, it reminds me of a mosh pit of private school posers trying to act hardass. It’s a fragrance that overall is harmless and simple and a little more interesting than the others…in a more “forced” interesting way. Or maybe it’s only interesting in comparison to the other’s in the line? It’s not as badass as it tries to come across. It’ll be home by its curfew and most likely will grow out of this punk phase very quickly. (It saw Miley Cyrus wearing combat boots).

Concept O reminds me very much, and this is a great thing, of Comme de Garçons Tar but with a fruity, bitter opening. It seems sheerer than the CdG. It’s raspberry mixed with leather and has “industrial” elements. I’m thinking that this “industrial” coolness is the metallic “blood” accord found in the entire BLOOD Concept line (also an accord found in many other fragrances). But, really it smells like glass cleaner and brewed Croatian rose hip tea. Concept O then settles into something that reminds me of Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather. It’s a birch tar leather and animalic. Most of the wear of the scent is leather and subtle herbs, a more subtle, sheer, minimalist version of Tuscan Leather.

Woman in combat boots

Notes listed include thyme, raspberry, rose hips, leather, birch, cedar, Cyperus esculentus and metallic notes.

Give BLOOD Concept O a try if you like scents like Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather, Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, and/or those CdG Industrial fragrances. I do find this scent unisex.

In my opinion, Concept O has below average to average projection. It has average longevity. I have not sampled the pure parfum. This is my impression of the EDP.

I do like this fragrance and I do think it’s a great choice for a fashion-forward teenager. But, I don’t like the packaging of this perfume and I don’t like the price. When I want leather, I’ll wear Knize10 or the one I keep mentioning from Tom Ford. And I’ll layer some fruity thing over one of these.

The 2 oz EDP retails for $155 at Luckyscent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRaspberry vodka and combat boots. Like I said, I like this fragrance but I don’t like the price or packaging. Seriously, the packaging grosses me out. I’ll just layer some Victoria’s Secret body spray of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather if I’m going for this pop-punk scent.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from Luckyscent. Combat boots model from Style by Tiffani.

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