BLOOD Concept B EDP Perfume Review

BLOOD Concept B perfume

Representing the 4 blood types, there are 4 fragrances in the BLOOD Concept line. Out of the line, I’ve had 2 scrubbers and 2 potential scrubbers. Actually the “potentials” ended up being OK once I got over their initial metallic-ness.

Concept B opens as something that reminds me of a hamster cage. Actually it isn’t as bad as it sounds. It smells like an astringent, peppery cedar and metal bars. It’s a hamster cage, a clean hamster cage. The fragrance is sharp, cool and woody. I then I get a fruity wine cooler. Oops, I got tipsy on my Bartles & James Pomengranate Raspberry wine coolers while cleaning out Bibim Bob’s cage! The fragrance dries down to this smoky patchouli with a tart Croatian rosehip tea.

My review may sound snarky, maybe it is, I don’t mean for it to be taken that way. Out of the BLOOD Concept fragrances, B is the most wearable (B is my blood type, maybe the marketing worked on me). If it wasn’t a gazillion dollars and came in a phlebotomy bottle, maybe I’d buy it. Just maybe, but even if it was cheaper and in a prettier bottle, I’m sure I could find something else to spend my money on. The more I think about it, Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is this in a prettier bottle and without those metallic notes.

Notes listed include apple, black cherry, artemesia, pepper, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli, teak wood and metallic notes.

Give this a try if you like fruity-cedar perfumes or perfumes like Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom, CdG Kyoto, and/or Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling. Concept B is unisex. And it’s supposed to smell the best on those with B blood types 😉

The scent has average projection with a “sheer” feel like a Jo Malone or Penhaligon’s. I think the longevity is below average. I get less than 4 hours of wear in the winter.

The 2 oz bottle of BLOOD Concept retails for $155 at Luckyscent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Clean hamster cages, fruity wine coolers and smoky patchouli. It’s a sheer, fruity fragrance with woods. It’s not terrible but it’s not something that I’m going to go out and buy.

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*Sample purchased by me. Photo from Luckyscent.

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    1. I feel since they are in sample vials, I can try them. If I had the actually bottles, I’d be too grossed out. I find the marketing repulsive. I seriously can’t stand to look at this post with the photo of the bottle!

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