Blackberry Season: A Blackberry Fragrance Guide


Well even here in the PNW, summer is almost over. This doesn’t mean that the weather will get horrible (autumn is my favorite season).  It just means that we have a few more weeks of sunshine 🙂 The brambles still have lots of ripe blackberries and will continue to for a few more weeks. I love blackberries. They are one of my favorite things of summer even if they signal the “end”. I love the smell of picking blackberries with the mix of leaves and dried out dead grass. I love the smell of sweet blackberries and their juiciness that stains your finger tips (why can’t I find a lipstain that color?). I love the smell of overripe blackberries. These do get almost musk like and floral. Since we have been renovating intensively, I haven’t had the time to bust out my favorite blackberry recipes. I was able to freeze a few reductions ranging from basic blackberry to blackberry, lemon, lavender which is amazing on angel food cake. We threw a few in salads and ate them by the handfuls. But, I didn’t make my sweets this year because life has been to hectic. Anyways, here is a guide of blackberry fragrances ranging in prices. Since blackberry is a musky fruity scent, it is often made more “sensual” by adding vanilla. I would love to find a blackberry scent that is more tangy and bitter and perhaps “living” but mixed with dried grass/hay, more of an “early” blackberry fragrance. My 2 favorites out of this list include: Parfums DelRae Bois de Paradis because it is a bit “darker” than the others and L’Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extreme because it is a fruity scent that isn’t childish or teen.

Budget Blackberry Scents: Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature Mûre Sauvage/Blackberry is a single note blackberry fragrance. It is fruity and juicy. The largest EDT , 3.3 oz, goes for $11. It’s nice to have around for late summer. L’Aromarine Mûre Musc Perfume Extract is a long wearing oil. It seems much more expensive than it is. It goes for about $10. A sweet and “young” blend of blackberry and vanilla (and light wearing) is Victoria’s Secret Pink Fruity & Bright  All-Over Body Mist. It retails for $15. To my surprise, I kind of like Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegrante EDT. It’ a fruity blend including blackberries and cassis but it has musk and patchouli making it much richer and not as fruity. It goes for $26.50. They also have Black Raspberry & Vanilla EDT for the same price. This is a super sweet in a vanilla way, “berry” EDT. Sula Blackberry Blush EDP (not pictured) is a blackberry and vanilla blend with much needed florals. It’s simple and retails for $32 for 1 oz.

More Expensive Blackberry Scents: Mistral Wild Blackberry EDP is a fruity blackberry dessert type fragrance. It has zesty citrus notes and musk. The 1.7 oz goes for $50. Trish McVoy #9 EDP is sexy and heavy blackberry inspired scent with notes of vanilla and musk too. The 1.7 EDP goes for about $80. L’Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extrême is a rich fruity blend. It is much more “sensual” than the cologne and I would love to try the pure extract. It goes for $115 for 1.7 ounce. The Cologne is very green and fresh with blackberry and almost medicinal. I like it just as well. It has a time and a place. The smallest size is $95. Parfums DelRae Bois de Paradis EDP is absolutely delicious. It is a late summer mix of blackberry and fig with smoky amber notes. It is heavenly. The 1.7 oz goes for $135. DKNY Delicious Night is a much more floral blackberry blend with freesia. The 1.7 oz goes for $55. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Eau de Gantier EDT (not pictured) is a crisp citrus berry blend. Not sweet but refreshing but very light wearing. The 3.4 oz. goes for $110.

Other Great Blackberry Products: Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb is a fun product that is heavy on that blackberry musk scent. It goes for $6. Ulta 3-in-1 Shower Smoothie Blackberry Blast is one of those faux super fruity blackberry scents. It is a fun product that retails for about $15. Naturally Victoria’s Secret Blackberry & Tonka Bean Restorative Scrub is a faintly blackberry scented scrub. It does a good job and retails for $18. D.L. & Co. Cassis Diffuser is an amazing scent of blackberry and fig. I love this scent because it does such a good job of seasonal transitioning. It retails for $95.

UPDATE- Post is older so some of these may not be available.

7 thoughts on “Blackberry Season: A Blackberry Fragrance Guide

  1. Hermes Amazon Light, the jade green juice, is blackcurrant leaf up top and lovely, especially if you’re young. Not sweet and has a powdery dry down.

  2. I totally dig the Yves Rocher Mûre. Infact, just a few weeks ago I used up my travel size bottle and pitched it to the recycle bin, lol. I must get the lg bottle, doesn’t get any more affordable than that. Also, it lingers long on the skin…I realise that is a personal thing and it may vary for others.

    1. I love it. It’s really, really good for the price.

      My new favorite blackberry is Mistral Wild Blackberry. It reminds me of late summer, such a good memory fragrance for me.

      1. Ohhh, hopefully Mistral is cruelty-free…I’ll look into that one. Jo Malone’s Blackberry Bay is wonderful, but lasts all of an hour on me. Very tart, yet earthy. I guess it is a cologne after all, but the French Lime Blossom lasts must longer on my skin.

        1. Hmm…I don’t know. I’ll have to look. (I’m getting much more conscious about that these days after realizing that many of the Neutrogena products I use are NOT cruelty free. Makes me sick).

          I have had 0 luck with Jo Malone’s hanging around on my skin. They are colognes. I’ve had better luck with their body creams lasting on my skin.

          1. According to the Mistral website, they have always been anti-animal testing! :mrgreen: Not sure what is up w/ the meaning of the mrgreen emoticon I chose, is he green w envy? I only chose him bc of the super smile! I think I must go place a Mistral order. Eau-mazing blog you have here, just recently discovered it! 😉

          2. Cool. I don’t know if you like lychee or rose but I like Mistral’s Lychee Rose…smells like Japanese candies!

            I’m so happy that you found it! Oh, I bought some natural deodorants yesterday 🙂

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