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BijaBody Natural Daily Body Scrub & Serum Review

BijaBody Daily Body Scrub and Serum

BijaBody is a natural body care and tea line located in Montana founded by world traveler and esthetician, Melissa. You can read more about this indie eco-friendly line here.

Here’s my review of the Daily Body Scrub and Daily Body Serum:

Daily Body ScrubIt’s a combination of crushed grape seeds (by-products from the Washington and California wine industry), milled corn cob meal (non-GMO), honey, white & green tea extracts with mildly foaming coconut and shea based cleansers. It’s ultra mild and can be used daily. 10 oz bottle retails for $24.

This scrub does exactly what it claims to do. This is a great scrub for those with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. The scrubbies are perfect. This is not a harsh scrub. If you have hellacious heels or scaly elbows, you’ll need something with more abrasion or a chemical exfoliant. This scrub has a light, cleansing foam. The scrubbies are in a super rich base and rinse away effortlessly. Seriously, this scrub is more moisturizing than lotions that I have used in the past. It refines and nourishes. And yes, you can use it daily. My winter skin is thankful for this product.

Daily Body SerumIt’s a nourishing HoneyOil base with antioxidant white & green tea extract, lycopene, and alpha lipoic acid. 10 oz spray bottle retails for $29.

This serum is an oil. I’ve always thought serum was a glamorous word and it does sound much better than oil. This oil is not sticky or thick. It absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin. If you like to use oils as a moisturizer, I highly recommend this. I’ve used so many oils as body moisturizers in the past and even I’m impressed by this one. It comes in a spray bottle, which I love. It looks so good on bare legs and it won’t leave “grease spots” everywhere! I love how this makes my skin feel.

The Scent – Both products have the same scent. I assume this is BijaBody’s “signature” scent since their other products smell like it too. The scent is sweet like honey but not animalic. It’s like a gourmet honey marshmallow. It’s a soft, comforting scent. If you like vanilla, honey or tonka scents, you will really like BijaBody’s “signature”.  These items are scented but it isn’t overwhelming or lingering, interfering with your daily scent choices. It’s obvious that these products are about nourishing and treating the skin and not perfuming it. But, I think it smells really good. They should make a solid perfume in this scent 😉

I really like both products but if for some sick reason I had to only choose one, I’d choose the scrub. It’s gentle enough for the entire body including the neck and chest. I haven’t had another physical scrub like it. The Daily Serum is really good too.

Both items can be purchased at BijaBody. 1% of proceeds are donated to Rooted In Beauty (RIB).

*Disclaimer – Samples provided by BijaBody. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “BijaBody Natural Daily Body Scrub & Serum Review

  1. Melissa from BijaBody just turned me on to your blog. Totally rockin it. I have just had my morning reading jolt. Thanks. (FYI the BijaBody products just keep getting better–by which I mean that the longer you use them the more dramatic the impact on your skin. I’m a complete addict.

    1. Awesome! I’m glad you like it.

      I’m totally hooked on the line. It really aligns with everything that I’m for. What do you think of the teas? I’m loving those too. I need to buy the scrub. I can tell a difference now that I’m not using it. My skin has those little dehydration lines and an uneven texture 🙁

      1. The tea is the foundation of my day: love it day and night. I am just in love with the whole line and, yes, if you deviate from your use pattern (oops, I’m out) your skin tells you.

        LOVE your retro makeup tutorials and the scent reviews are gorgeous. I’ve been weaseling around trying to find a way to get samples this morning. Time to get to work. More tea!

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