Beyonce Heat Rush EDT Perfume Review

Beyonce Heat Rush perfume

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For a few years now, I’ve made fun of the name Beyonce Heat Rush. It’s one letter away from “heat rash”, so in my mind I always think “Beyonce Heat Rash” and there’s no glamour in that! So here’s my review of Heat Rash, I mean, Heat Rush.

In Heat Rush, all  of the fruits are blended together until it’s just a “tropical fruit cocktail” in heavy syrup. So much fruit. With time, it becomes a mango floral with vanilla custard…so many calories. And then it dries down to this slightly fruity but clean musk. That’s the “Rio sunset musk”. Seriously, who came up with that name??? The same person that came up with the name of this perfume!!!

Heat Rush smells very much like an Escada fragrance, Taj Sunset, or at least I think it’s that one, many of those started smelling the same. I don’t want to wear perfumes like this but I’m sure somebody does. It’s not bad but not a genre of perfume that I’m personally going to wear. This celeb fragrance retails for less, so if that is your thing, you may as well save some money and blow the rest of your $50 on cut-offs and halter tops at Forever 21 or whatever.

Max Factor 1966

Notes listed include passion fruit sorbet, blood orange, Brazilian cherry, yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom, orange hibiscus, teak wood, honey amber and Rio sunset musk. Launched 2010. PERFUMER – Honorine Blanc

Try it if you like perfumes that are super fruity. Or if you like any of those Escada perfumes, Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, Guess Seductive I’m Yours, Cacharel Amor Amor Summer, Ed Hardy for Women and/or Demeter Between the Sheets. It’s fruity, but not really fruity-floral. Just fruity-musky.

Perhaps I’m hyper sensitive to this style of perfume but I find projection above average. Longevity is average. It’s an EDT but I get about 5-6 hours wear from it.

You can find Heat Rash at drugstores and discounters like for under $20 for 3.4 oz.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONTropical fruit cocktail and musk. It’s not my thing at all but one can spend more money to smell very much like this. And would they want to? I don’t know. I can’t tell you why people do the things that they do. I mean why would Coty name a perfume one letter away from “heat rash”?

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*Sample came with a purchase. Product pic from Fragrantica. 1966 Max Factor ad from

2 thoughts on “Beyonce Heat Rush EDT Perfume Review

  1. Haha! I feel the same way about that new Revlon lip product called “Moisture Stain”. Who was responsible for okay-ing THAT name? Am I alone in thinking it sounds like something I definitely don’t want anyone to see?

    1. Moisture Stain??? Oh, geez, that is awful!!! Really, how did that make it to market? I mean, all the gross stuff aside, there are so many little studies about people’s least favorite word. And “moist” always makes those lists!

      I’m actually still laughing. I give you gifts of Moisture Stain and Heat Rush…

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