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Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica Candle Review

Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica

Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica is a fragrance in their Classic Floral Collection. I expected for Mimosa Magnifica to be a pretty, powdery and delicate floral. And this would have been nice, but Belle Fleur exceeded my expectations. Mimosa Magnifica is a powdery mimosa but it’s not delicate. It has a velvet-like richness.

Mimosa Magnifica is a powdery floral over a sweet amber. It reminds me of old fashioned French perfume, like mimosa and violets wafting in a haze of heady jasmine blossosm in full bloom. The base is a sweet, boozy amber with a French vanilla liqueur. Mimosa Magnifica is like a timid mimosa that channeled her more seductive side by spritzing on a few sprays of a decadent jasmine and amber perfume (think like Guerlain Shalimar). It’s one sultry floral.

Kate Moss

Notes listed include bergamot, mimosa absolute, thyme, nutmeg, violet, jasmine, peony, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, amber and benzoin.

I recommend trying Mimosa Magnifica if you like floral ambers or jasmines fragrances. Or if you like scents like Voluspa Baltic Amber, Votivo Fleur Royale, Natori Black Amber & Jasmine and/or Atelier Silver Iris. 

Like all the other Belle Fleur candles that I’ve tried, this one has amazing throw and burns clean and evenly.

This candle retails for $74 at Belle Fleur. 

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. Kate Moss pic from Vogue (I think).

7 thoughts on “Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica Candle Review

  1. Unf this candle sounds amazing. I was just thinking the other day about how I “need” more candles in my life…

    1. I don’t *need* anymore candles…ever. Like lipsticks, they are my weakness. I can’t quit them.

      I joke that if we are out of power this winter, we’ll have plenty of light…and plenty of luxury smells…

  2. Sounds right up my alley. Love the Baltic Amber. And some jasmine is good. Wish it weren’t as expensive. But maybe a Christmas gift? Goes on that list. Thanks.

    1. I wish all good candles weren’t so expensive! I sniffed the Malle Gardenia one a few weeks ago and feel in love…but it’s like $150 so I didn’t buy it.

      It would be a good gift. This one is really fragrant so I don’t burn it very long. This is how I try to convince myself that luxury candles are a good deal 😉

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