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Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte Candle Review


Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte

Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte is a home fragrance in the Classic Floral Collection inspired by the island of Capri.

Casa Malaparte is a fresh scent that is perfect for summer. It’s crisp citrus with an ozonic melon. It features clean, crisp florals like a “green jasmine”. Overall, it’s a fresh, crisp citrus floral.


Notes listed include grapefruit, lemon oil, jasmine, rose, fig leaf, heliotrope, rosewood, cedarwood and musk.

Give it a try if you like scents like NEST Grapefruit, Thymes Agave Nectar, Voluspa Yuzu Rose and/or Tocca Cleopatra. Being a fresh citrus-floral, I prefer it in the warmer months.

This candle burns evenly and has excellent throw. The vessel is a simple chocolate brown glass with a gold emblem. It comes in a robin’s egg blue and brown “shagreen” box with matches.

Retails for $58 at Belle Fleur. 

*Disclaimer – Product provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Belle Fleur. Capri pic from Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “Belle Fleur Casa Malaparte Candle Review

      1. yep! and to collect them was a way to show where you’ve been and how hip you might be… of course, back then every hipster had a cigarette (or clove if you ran neo-romantic/gothic) dangling from their mouths.

        btw, i noticed the fig in there. *laugh* the fig Wen is a very nice, real scent and not over bearing. i am not a fan of fig aromas, so for me to say that is high praise. 😉

        1. I love fig scents. There’s a Davines conditioner that smells like figs. I only used it because of that!

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