Beckham Signature for Women EDT Fragrance Review

Beckham Signature for Her

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I’m pretty sure that I was the last person on Earth to learn what a Beckham is. When we moved into our house, the neighbors kept calling us “The Beckhams” . We thought that somebody misunderstood us. It was odd but we kept letting it go on. Finally, one day at a BBQ my husband shared our last names (we do not share the same last name). One neighbor laughed. Noticing our blank expressions, she explained that we were called “The Beckhams” because my name is Victoria and my husband’s name is David just like David and Victoria Beckham. Still not getting it, she explained to us that David Beckham is a soccer player/hunk and that Victoria Beckham used to be a Spice Girl but now she is a really skinny mom known for her great fashions and icy scowl. We went back home and crawled under our rock.

Apparently these people are so popular that they both have their names slapped on perfumes – many, many perfumes. By now you all know that if you are looking for an interesting perfume, that you should probably stay away from celeb scents. Celeb scents are the “play it safe” perfumes. Beckham Signature for Women is no exception.

Intimately Beckham opens with “florals” and a tart, playful green apple. I get something that reminds me of Concord grape jelly. The top is surprisingly fruity- in a hard candy/Jolly Rancher fruity way. For the heart I get that Welch’s grape jelly and green apple hard candy and something slightly warm and musky. There’s a hint of something that could be almond marshmallows (heliotrope). But, really all I get is a green apple and grape over some sweet fluff. The dry-down is pleasant soft woods, vanilla, and musk.

For a person of her age range and a Twiggy circa 1964 figure, I find it odd that this perfume is so “candy”. For a masculine looking soccer player, I find this odd too. Beckham Signature is not bad, but it’s an odd match. It smells much younger than I expected. The bottle is nice for the price but nothing about it screams “Beckham” to me.

Notes listed include star anise, green apple, orchid, heliotrope, vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. PERFUMER – Sylvie Fischer

Give Beckham Signature a try if you like fruity, musky perfumes. Or perfumes like Guess Seductive I’m Yours, Vera Wang Princess, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Ed Hardy for Women, and/or Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir. I view this as a feminine scent. And I hate to put on a demographic on it, but it seems like 25 years old and younger.

Projection is average and I find longevity to be above average. This wears like an EDP.

The 2.5 spray of this fragrance retails for $28 at That’s a good price when you consider how much Vera Wang Princess costs. And you can also find it at discounters like Lily Direct and Fragrancenet for even cheaper!

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGreen apple and grape jelly over some woodsy, sweet musky fluff. Not for me but it may be a good choice for somebody much younger than me. And for somebody that knows what a Beckham is.

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3 thoughts on “Beckham Signature for Women EDT Fragrance Review

  1. I haven’t tried this Beckham, but I have tried some of the other Beckham fragrances. I think the one I tried was Signature Story for her. Sort of a pink chypre. Not horrible – sounds like it was better than this one.

    Funny story, when I worked at Macy’s I would get many many men coming to ask about the first Beckham’s men fragrance. We had stopped carrying it. Then they brought it back for Christmas. It definitely found an audience. I seriously had men beating down the door for it for a while.
    breathesgelatin recently posted..Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend and its cultural baggage

    1. This one is not horrible. It reminds me of other very popular department store fragrances. I’m so not the target audience for this one.

      I have tried the men’s versions and they really aren’t so bad. Signature Man or whatever is surprisingly sophisticated. I find that men wear fragrances of the people they want to be. And what average Joe doesn’t want to be David Beckham?

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