Becca & Mars Refresh Aromatherapy Blend Review

Becca & Mars Refresh

Natural brand Becca & Mars has launched Refresh, an aromatherapy line to help with congestion brought on by colds, flu and seasonal allergies. Usually I have terrible allergies for at least 7 months of the year. Since we’ve moved, I haven’t had any. See, there are some perks to living without trees. Or maybe there are perks to not living in an old house. I did get a respiratory thing a few weeks ago that left me slightly congested (actually, I’m starting to suspect it was allergies). I was more than happy to have Refresh around.

Refresh includes:

Eucalyptus – antibacterial, antiviral, decongestant

Lavender – antihistamine, antiseptic, antimicrobial

Peppermint – Opens nasal passages.

This oil can be used in the bath or in an oil diffuser/oil burner. In a hot bath, it’s a very pleasant experience if you are feeling under the weather. This is a very concentrated aromatherapy oil so you’ll need about 10 drops to really experience the fragrance. I do about 20 because of the size of my tub and I really want to experience the fragrance. It does open up the nasal passages and of course the warmth of the bath is relaxing.

In an oil burner, I do about 5-10 drops and it will scent your space. Even when I’m not sick, I like the smell of Refresh as a home fragrance. It’s very “purifying”.

This 1/2 oz bottle retails for $18.50 at Becca & Mars. Other products such as an all-natural salve are available too.

While I’m on the topic, how do you holistically approach allergies? I tried an allergy tea available at Sugarpill in Seattle for the first time a few weeks ago. I really felt like it helped as well.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Becca & Mars. I am not compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Becca & Mars.

3 thoughts on “Becca & Mars Refresh Aromatherapy Blend Review

  1. Have you gone to TenzIng Momo? I’ve gotten some nice herbal cold allergy teas from them. Freshly made. It’s fun just to look anyway. A compounding pharmacy may be another option. Refresh sounds lovely. Like mint and eucalyptus.

    1. Yes, I love Tenzing Momo. We get groceries at Pike Place and it’s an adventure 🙂 I love the atmosphere of TM. And they are all so knowledgeable.

      I admit that I went to Sugarpill for the snobby salts. The tea was good. The salts were amazing 😉

  2. Thank you so much for your support. As far as your question, I’ve dropped some refresh into a humidifier at night and also clove on cotton balls in the window sills.

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