Becca & Mars Calm Yourself Fragrance Oil Blend Review

Becca & Mars Calm Yourself Bath Oil

Becca & Mars Calm Yourself Essential Oil Blend is a multi-purpose natural oil that is used to scent baths and to fragrance rooms as a home fragrance oil. This is a highly fragrant/concentrated oil that is blended to sooth with its natural essential oil blend.

I add about 5 drops to a steaming hot bath. This is more than enough Calm Yourself oil to fragrant the entire upstairs of my house. The fragrance is very natural and citrus lovers should like it. At first Calm Yourself oil is very tart and I get lots of the lemon and bergamot. It’s tart but still a little sweet. The lemon kind of reminds me of lemon bars. As the fragrance develops in the hot water, I get more and more of the clarifying essence of clary sage. Clary sage is difficult to describe as a fragrance. You just know it when you smell it. It’s herbaceous, balsamic and it’s in this oil blend mixed with citrus and a bit of sandalwood. I love clary sage in bath products. It is a scent that makes me think “spa”. The clary sage mixes so well with the neroli. It adds an herbaceous edge to this tart floral citrus fragrance.

This fragrance can also be used in an oil diffuser. I’ve used 5-10 drops and this is more than enough to scent my house. I really like this scent as a home fragrance. It smells clean, fresh, and bit contemplative thanks to the sage.

Becca & Mars recommends that you add Calm Yourself Oil to a cup of oil or milk and then add to the bath. I didn’t do this. The only bath in this old house is upstairs, far from the kitchen so I don’t remember to do this! It is also recommended that you do not use this undiluted oil on your skin. If you love a natural citrus fragrance, then add this oil to a carrier oil like olive oil to wear as a perfume. Or you can mix it with perfumer’s alcohol in a spray bottle to use as a refreshing body spray.

Notes listed include: lemon, bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood, and neroli.

I recommend this blend for people that like natural scents, especially citrus or sage scents. And if you like Aftelier Perfumed Bath Oils, then you may like this. It isn’t as complex but it is just as strong and natural.

A .5 oz amber apothecary glass bottle with dropper retails for $11. This oil blend can be purchased at Becca & Mars.

*Disclaimer – Product was provided by Becca & Mars. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
Product picture is from Becca & Mars.

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    1. I like sage. I’ve been using this in a fragrance oil burner. I do take baths and use it in there too. It’s a very relaxing scent. My nose doesn’t pick up much of the sandalwood. I mainly get lemon, neroli, sage.

    1. It does so well with the “steam” of a bath. Sage works with steam/smoke. And the lemon is a really nice in this blend.

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