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BeautyBox Five Monthly Beauty Subscription Program & Review

I’m sorry. I have been meaning to post this review much earlier but it’s been a crazy summer. I guess a review of the BeautyBox Five subscription program is better late than never!

BeautyBox Five

So, what we have here is another monthly subscription program. BeautyBox Five promises you 4-5 deluxe samples monthly.It is $12 a month with shipping included. You’re paying about $3 a sample. There are discounts if you commit to a longer time frame.

Here’s what I received a BeautyBox Five box:

Blinc Mascara in Black (a very small tube) – This product is not new to me. I’ve relieved it in other beauty subscription programs. This has nothing to do with BeautyBox but I don’t Blinc Mascara. It’s my least favorite mascara on the planet. It freaks me out to see those “lashes” wash off at the end of the day. And my eyes always water when I wear this formula. But, hey, it has a cult following so somebody likes it. Full-size retail is $26.

Bodyography Foundation Primer in Clear (15 ml tube, half the size of the full-size product) – I have not tried this product, so it’s new to me. I look forward to trying this product because the ingredients seem to do well on my skin. Full-size retails for $30.

Curls Gel-les’c “jealousy” (2 fl. oz) – This is a serum-gel for curly hair made from botanicals. It has a fresh watermelon/mandarin fragrance that is nice. But, have you seen my hair? It’s ridiculously straight. Because I never shop for hair products for curly hair, this product is new to me. Full-size retails for $25.

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer (I think this is full-size) – This is a double-sided sponge thing for your feet that you use wet. One side washes and softens and the other side buffs. It has a perfume-y lavender smell, not a lavender essential oil fragrance. This product is good for 5+ uses. This product is new to me and honestly, something I’ll never use because I often forget I have stuff like this. It retails for $2.99.

BeautyBox 5

I would compare BeautyBox Five to Birchbox. The products are about the same size. The box is about the same size. However, Birchbox is $2 cheaper a month and offers you points that you can use in the Birchbox store. It appears that BeautyBox Five does not have a store and is focused only on monthly sampling. BeautyBox Five also guarantees 4-5 deluxe samples. When I was a member of Birchbox, I did not get 4-5 large samples monthly. I also like that I didn’t get a paper coaster or a sticker or something random like that in my BeautyBox Five box.

Overall, I’d recommend BeautyBox Five to those wanting to sample new things (3 out of 4 of these brands were new to me). Or for those that travel frequently and like travel size products. My only complaint is that I recieved product that I didn’t need, i.e., the product for curly hair. I used it and it’s fine but it would be nice if BeautyBox 5 would take a questionnaire so that one would get product better matched to their needs.

Also, it appears that the brands working with BeautyBox Five are more indie, so if you want to be exposed to more indie brands, I’d recommend BeautyBox Five over Birchbox.

You can find more info and subscribe at BeautyBox Five’s website.

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*Disclaimer – Box provided by BB5 for review. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Photos are mine.


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