Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones – Lily of the Dust Collection

Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones

I’ve been extremely busy this year. Blame the A.D.D. Ā I’m always getting myself into something, in fact, I’m miserable if I’m not into something. In the winter, I got very interested in importing and exporting. Researching this kept me busy but it also introduced me to new industries. I decided I was finally going to open an online boutique for wayward girls and boys. And I did. Thirteen year old me would be so proud of now me.

A few months ago, I opened Beatnik Emptiness, an on-line alt-cult clothing and accessories boutique as a “side project”. Yeah, it’s for people younger and hipper than me but I’m cool with that. I really just want to help people be themselves. This has been my lifelong goal. I love the freaks.

I don’t know how long you’ve been reading EauMG, but a few years ago I replaced my baking hobby with making incense in hopes that I’d get hot and skinny. Since then I’ve played around with lots of forms of incense. And now I’m selling them through Beatnik Emptiness. I feel this fits with the brand’s aesthetic which is a mix of global imports and domestic items. Think “headshop” for today’s urban-dwelling misfits.

My first collection is Lily of the Dust. This collection idea has been in my head for years and now it’s a reality. Lily of the Dust is a collection of scents inspired by forgotten celluloid, silent film stars and the nascent bending of gender roles through words, appearance and action.

This collection currently includes three fragrances:

Pandora's Box 1929

Vamps & Violets

This is a fragrance dedicated to the ladies that love ladies and inspired by the changing gender identity of the 1920’s. It’s a contrast of butch and femme and the final outcome is an androgynous floral. Vamps & Violets is my baby and honestly, my favorite because I’m a bad mother with favorites. It’s Louise Brooks in Pandora’s Box. It’s Gladys Bentley. It’s Alla Nazimova. It’s a few of my favorite things.

Starring notes of violet pastilles and black leather.

Scent Sketch: Androgynous floral. More violet while unlit and more leather while burning.

Germaine Dulac

La Coquille

This fragrance is inspired by French filmmaker Germaine Dulac. If you’re a film buff, I’m sure you know which film this is inspired by. I wanted to create a coolness, a certain aloofness with this fragrance.

Starring notes of lotus, aldehydes, iris, paper and ambergris.

Scent Sketch: Cool, silky ozonic floral. A clean fragrance inspired by dirty thoughts.

It really reminds me of “silk”. And I may not be a fan of “clean” personal fragrances but I do love a good clean home fragrance.

Pola Negri

Lily of the Dust

This is the namesake and the inspiration for an entire collection. Bygone icons and lost celluloid. Fervor and heartbreak. This fragrance is inspired by actresses like Pola Negri and Marlene Dietrich. It represents the power and the fall.

Starring notes of stargazer lily, fresh ginger and dusty screenplays (accord of dust and paper).

Scent Sketch: A heady floral with spicy ginger. It gets more gingery/spicy once it’s lit.

And that’s my Lily of the Dust Collection. Just one of the many things that keep me busy these days…

I have a second collection, Doubt Humans, inspired by b-films. I’ll do a separate post on it. It’s campy and fun.

I’m terrible when it comes to self-promotion; it makes me feel dirty (I haven’t even told many of my close friends about this project!). Ā I’m mainly sharing this because I’m excited and I’m loving life right now (I start a new job next week but that is something I’ll save for another day). I also want you to know that I’ve been incredibly busy and I have a feeling this will continue into the holidays. I feel that this is something to share with you guys. And when I get tired/stressed, I hope you guys will be here talking about fun things like perfume and pretty lipsticks, reeling me in from the stress-zone.

These retail for $19.99 at Beatnik Emptiness. You can use “SOSOCIAL” for free shipping within the U.S. If you want feminist jewelry and kitty sweatshirts, then visit my shop šŸ™‚

You can also find Beatnik Emptiness on Facebook, Twitter @ShopBeatnik and on Pinterest.Ā 

*Product pic is mine and the others are from

15 thoughts on “Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones – Lily of the Dust Collection

  1. How fun Victoria!! Congratulations!! I love the name- ‘Lily of the dust’. The fragrances sound intriguing. Doubt Humans is a great

    Don’t feed awkward about writing about thus on your blog..It sounds like a lot of fun. Your side projects make me feel better about my ‘numerous’ side projects/interests ..:D. “In fact, Iā€™m miserable if Iā€™m not into something.”- I can totally relate!!

    1. It’s great that you relate. I’m constantly getting myself into something but that is what I like to do. I love to be busy. I also feel the more we do as “side projects” exposes us to more stuff; it makes us awesome people. I feel I only have this life and I want to make the most of it.

      1. Congratulations, Victoria! I’m particularly very curious about Vamps & Violets. Looking forward to trying that one, and hearing more about your creations and new venture. Cheers to the new job as well. Exciting times.

  2. Bravo to you! That’s so great! I’ve been thinking I could use some new incense so I’m going to have to check yours out soon. I’ve also been playing around with ideas for a side thing too so to see someone else take the plunge is inspiring to me. I wish you and your venture the best of luck and lots of sales.

  3. Victoria, this is *very* cool. Congratulations!!

    As Lavanya said, please don’t feel awkward about talking about this on your blog. This is both exciting and inspiring: a great idea, and you have some really nice stuff (including incense made by you … you can count on the fact that I’m going to get some). Will look forward to hearing about your new job, too!

    1. The shop is still growing. I’m happy about a new line of jewelry I’ll be getting in as well as some African imports. And some nifty clothes from a gal in Pittsburgh. I really underestimated the time of “sourcing”…see, already learning lessons šŸ™‚

      The new job starts next week. I’ll actually be using my linguistics background. I feel really lucky to be an employed linguist; I didn’t know those existed.

  4. Congrats! It’s so good to be able to do something like this. Some of the incense sound very good. I have a little ‘puffing’ dragon burner that would really like some new cones. I like the cat tees also, but then I’m just an old cat lady. LOL!

    1. Sounds like we have the same burner šŸ˜‰

      haha, I’m just old pug lady but the way they’ve been this weekend, I’d totally trade them for kitties.

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