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Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods for Men Body Wash Review

B&BW Twilight Woods for Men Body Wash Review

Haven’t had enough of Twilight yet? Bath and Body Works has launched a fragrance line Twilight Woods for men and women. I live in “Twilight Woods” so I had to give this a try. (I am not a fan of the Twilight series. I only like for my vampires to be Bela Lugosi or created by Joss Whedon). Twilight Woods for Men is a dry woodsy fragrance. I think of the fragrance as unisex. It isn’t overly masculine; it just leans towards the masculine end of the spectrum because of the dry cedar. And there is no sweetness!

I haven’t sampled the fragrance/cologne yet but I have a bottle of the body wash. I really like the body wash. It isn’t the most original fragrance on the market (in fact I think it’s trying to not be original!) but it is nice for the price point. Twilights Woods for Men Body Wash has a woodsy, crisp aroma. It smells like the cedar used in Marc Jacobs Bang and a bit of zesty white pepper.  There’s a dry, citrusy note. Could this be the vetiver? Sometimes I’ve smelled cheaper vetiver and it comes across as less grassy and woodsy but fruity/woodsy. Twilight Woods for Men is a beautiful fall fragrance for a man or a woman. It’s cozy but not sweet. This is simple: dried cedar and spice. I’m not going to say this is the best smelling shower gel that I’ve ever used. I like it. For a Bath and Body Works scent, this is tops. I will repurchase if it is still available. If you like cedar or “dark” woodsy fragrances, stop by a B&BW and smell this. You may like it.

Washington Coast is creepy
My life in the Twilight Woods 🙂

The formula is nice, very foamy. This stuff lathers like crazy when used on a loofah. It rinses off the skin effortlessly. The skin is left with a very faint aroma of Twilight Woods. As far as I can tell, this scent does not interfere with my other fragrances/perfume.

I really want to try the cologne. Has anyone tried it? Does it smell like a cheaper version of Marc Jacobs Bang? The notes listed sure are similar! I really liked Marc Jacobs Bang. I love cedar.

Notes listed include cedar, white pepper, musk, vetiver, dark woods, and spice.

A bottle retails for $10.50 and is available at Bath and Body Works.

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  1. I bought this on sale at B&BW. It was really cheap so I thought what the heck. It really isn’t bad. I like it! Your description is perfect.

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