Basic Everyday Mascara: Estee Lauder More Than Mascara Review

I am always searching for that HG mascara. I feel like I’ve tried so much. The thing is I don’t know what I really want. I think I want the dramatic look of false lashes, but the truth is if I want that then I should wear false eyelashes. Thy’re cheaper than trying tons of mascaras. Lately, I have been using Estee Lauder More Than Mascara in More Black. It is a pretty nice formula for everyday. It looks natural, nothing like my false lashes. But, I don’t need a false lash look everyday. This is a super natural looking mascara, imagine your lashes but with a little more wow. This doesn’t clump or flake. It darkens the lashes and makes them appear glossy. It is easy to remove at night. It is a wet formula and is buildable. It’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t make lashes feel dry or brittle. I will agree with this. This was the first thing I noticed. If you’ve tried Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara and liked it then you will like this. This is very similiar but more “grown-up”. It added a bit more thickness to my lashes than Naturally Glossy. The brush seperates lashes and has a point. It is easy to coat every lash with this brush. It gets into every corner. The color is a basic black. If I repurchase then I would like to try a black/brown. I like the warmness provided by brown-ish mascaras. Especially now that my hair is auburn. Since this is an everyday mascara I would like to have it in black/brown. I have nothing bad to say about this mascara. I do wish it was cheaper. I hate paying this much for something I will throw out in 3 months. (It retails for $21, at least Estee offers a gift time.) It isn’t the most glamorous item on the market but it does its job.

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  1. I’ve tried lots of mascaras and this one does a great job of lengthening AND volumizing. It doesn’t cause raccoon eye. I have puny blonde lashes and this really makes them look noticeable! You can build volume and length (if you sweep the wand tip upward along the ends of your lashes, you can actually see length added) without clumping.

    One thing I’ve noticed with lots of mascaras – they work great for the first week of application, then they get dry and clumpy. This does NOT. After at least a month, if it starts to get clumpy on you – clean the opening with a q-tip. It’s so inexpensive that I can buy a new tube every few months like you’re supposed to do (but I never would with, say, a $15 mascara) and always have new mascara!

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