Badger Seabuckthorn Organic Hair Oil Review

Badger Hair Oil

Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil contains a blend of organic ingredients such as seabuckthorn oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, pomegranate oil and essential fragrance oils. This is a hair treatment that you apply evenly to your hair and leave on for 1 hour or sleep on it overnight. And then you shampoo and style as usual.

The feel, smell, appearance etc.: It’s an oil and feels like an oil. The color is the shade of a carrot which tricks my mind into thinking it’s really, really good for me ūüôā ¬†The aroma is natural and therapeutic with a cool lavender and sharp but sweet geranium. It’s a great scent for night since it smells relaxing.

My hair type: I have thick, course stick straight hair. Most of my hair is my natural color. A small portion is bleached and has a vegetable dye over it. I should make a disclaimer now that my  hair has always loved oil-based things.

How to use: Apply evenly on hair. Leave it for an hour or more. They suggest you can apply it overnight and shampoo out in the morning. Use 1-2 a week or as needed.

My experience: I’m a fan of hair oils and hair treatment oils. I applied the oil to my hair and combed through so it would be even. I then put my hair up in a shower cap and let it set on my hair for a few hours. I shampooed and styled as usual. I did not use any other styling products because I wanted to see how my hair felt, you know for testing purposes. My hair was left soft and smooth. I used it for a month for twice a week and did not notice a build-up. My hair felt smooth and healthy.

The scent does not linger in the hair once washed.

Who may like this? Anyone looking for an all-natural hair conditioner or treatment.

Who may not like this?¬†If you don’t like strongly fragranced products, you may not like this. Those with very oily hair may not like this. Those that are impatient may not like this ūüôā

I also want to add that this product also doubles as an awesome cuticle oil and nightly hand treatment.

The 2 oz bottle retails for about $19 at

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3 thoughts on “Badger Seabuckthorn Organic Hair Oil Review

    1. It’s much heavier than the other oils that I use (this is designed as a “treatment) but it can be done. If you have thick, curly or coarse hair, I think it should work…especially on wet hair.

      I don’t know if I should bring this up since the product is not for pets but I used in on Moxi’s rough, crusty elbows and it cleared it right up after 2 uses. – I did look up the essential oils used in the product and they appear to be dog safe.

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