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Badger Organic Lavender & Orange Lip Balm Review

Badger Lip Balm

I think that I have finally found a brand of organic lip balm that I love. Badger USDA Organic Lip Balm is smooth and not gritty. I find that many formulas of natural lip balm get very, very gritty after a few weeks of use. I also find that many brands wear off too easily or they are too thick and apply unevenly. Badger is the perfect texture. It is not heavy or cakey. It is smooth without being greasy. It is the longest wearing natural lip balm that I have tried (and as you know, I’ve tried many). It’s a great everyday lip balm. I also love the Lavender and Orange fragrance. It is a perfect balance of lavender and orange, so it isn’t too medicinal or too citrusy. I know the aroma of lavender, I live in the PNW. This has a genuine lavender aroma that is balanced by the sweetness of orange. At first I think I was a tad disappointed with the aroma. I think that I wanted it to have more lavender and smell like a late summer day. However, after using it for a few days, I realized that the Badger blend was perfect. Just lavender would be too overwhelming in a lip balm. The orange adds a subtle sweetness. So, this reminds me of my favorite summer desserts that contain Meyer lemons and lavender. Delicious and gourmand without smelling like chocolate or cupcakes.

I’ve only tried the Lavender and Orange flavor. Six other flavors are available. I am interested in the Ginger and Lemon but I’ll probably stick with the Lavender and Orange since I know that it is perfect. The lip balm stick is a great price at about $3. It is available at Badger Balm.Β 

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand.

4 thoughts on “Badger Organic Lavender & Orange Lip Balm Review

    1. Dr. H has a great product but it is expensive, especially if you go through lip balm like I do. I’d rather purchase fragrance πŸ™‚ I liked this one because the texture is right, the fragrance is nice, and the price. Plus, it doesn’t irritate. I think I have such a dependency of lip products over the years that I have created sensitive lips πŸ™

  1. This balm is perfect. I love the formula, the scent, and the price. Nice to see it getting some love πŸ™‚

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