Ayala Moriel Treazon Natural EDP Perfume Review

Ayala Moriel Treazon perfume

Here’s more proof to back up my theory that people only think they don’t like tuberose because they’ve only tried synthetics. I tell all tuberose haters to try the gorgeous natural composition, Hiram Green Moon Bloom. Natural tuberoses aren’t as sharp or as aggressive. Now I’m going to add another tuberose to the “tuberose haters must-try” list.  Ayala Moriel Treazon takes the natural beauty of natural tuberose and contrasts it with an interesting blend of spices and creamy woods.

Treazon opens up with a sweet mint and then turns into something that smells exactly like root beer (which I love). It’s effervescent, fizzy root beer (anise, wintergreen, cinnamon and vanilla). This spicy root beer fades seamlessly into this voluptuous slightly peachy tuberose. The tuberose in this is amazing. It’s this perfect balance between a “green” tuberose and a milky tuberose. And the tuberose isn’t overwhelming, I can see those that are usually “tuberose avoidant” enjoying this. Treazon dries down a warm, creamy tuberose with lactonic, coconut-like woods and a smoky tobacco. It becomes a “darker” tuberose that melds perfectly to the skin.

Rita Hayworth

Notes listed include anise, cinnamon, wintergreen, sweet birch, cassis, tuberose, orange blossom, orris root, benzoin, vanilla, massoia bark and African stone. Launched in 2012. PERFUMER – Ayala Moriel

Give Treazon a try if you like tuberose perfumes. Or if you like perfumes like Hiram Green Moon Bloom, April Aromatics Jasmina, Malle Carnal Flower, vintage Dana Tabu and/or Strange Invisible Perfumes Moon Garden. And try it if you are looking for a root beer-ish scent.

Projection is average and longevity is above average for an all-natural perfume.

Treazon comes in a few sizes with the 1/2 oz EDP retailing for $180 at Ayala Moriel. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRoot beer tuberose. Obviously with root beer and tuberose, it isn’t one for most people but I think it’s awesome.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Ayala Moriel. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Ayala Moriel. Rita Hayworth pic from I thought it fit perfectly with the scent. A beautiful woman drinking soda…

11 thoughts on “Ayala Moriel Treazon Natural EDP Perfume Review

  1. Root beer tuberose? Um, yum.

    On a related note, L’Artisan’s Nuit de Tubereuse smells like cola candy, to me. It’s weird, but I LIKE it.

  2. Agree that it’s awesome. I grinned the first time I tried it and was impressed by the longevity. It only takes a drop or two to get quite a ride, so for those of us who can’t afford a bottle, the sample is well worth the cost. I also remember reading a comment by Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio that Treazon had the greatest amount of tuberose absolute of any scent she’d ever smelled.

    1. I can’t get over the longevity of this one as well being that it’s natural. Most natural florals just do not linger on the skin. I agree that the sample is worth the cost. It’s expensive by sample standards but it really does last and you don’t need too much. In fact, I prefer it in a small amount.

      That’s interesting! And you know Laurie sure has sniffed her fair share of tuberose absolutes. I do think the tuberose in this is just fabulous (but, I don’t have much experience with tuberose absolutes but I’ve sniffed a lot of perfumes).

  3. Ayala Moriel is one of those brands that makes me wish I were a millionaire. This sounds glorious. I’ve seen some of her stuff in the Sweet Anthem shop and I desperately wish I could afford to buy it! Alas, maybe I will ask for a sample set for Christmas… 😉

    1. Same! If I were insanely wealthy, I’d buy this and Musk Malabi by the gallons. I would bathe in them.

      Alas, I’m not insanely wealthy so I’ll just enjoy my samples (and maybe a small size in the future…)

  4. Victoria –
    Thank you ever so much for such a fun review of Treazon! I really enjoyed reading it and I’m glad that people haven’t forgotten about this little tuberosey treasure of mine… Laurie Erickson is right – it has 34% tuberose absolute in it. Which is insanity by any commercial standards. But I’m not commercial – and a little mini (or sample) goes a long way!
    Your wish to bathe in it (and Musk Malabi) is the best compliments they’ve received, and I’m grateful.
    Which I should be – because Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
    Have a wonderful week,

    1. 34% tuberose absolute?! Wow, that is insanity by commercial standards! But, I also think that it why it’s a real treasure.

      Thanks for sharing it with me!

      1. Yes, it makes all the difference. Also tuberose absolutes vary in quality. Some more green, others more subtle and powdery. Some almost rubbery, or even medicinal, while others more creamy. I used two types, the ones that showcase the floral and creamy, buttery aspects of this wondrous essence.

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