Ayala Moriel Blackbeard & Orcas Natural Beard Oil Review

Paul Newman

To celebrate Father’s Day, I’m focusing on men’s products and masculine scents this week. And when I say “celebrate”, I mean “this is my excuse to review masculine scents for a week”.

Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in men’s grooming products. This market was predicted to grow (and it did); however, men threw the beauty industry a curveball. They started growing beards. Beard became fashionable, like really, really fashionable. Out was the over-groomed “metrosexual” look that many brands were banking on. But, brands are smart and adaptive, what followed was beard oils (which corresponds with the influx of oils present in women’s hair, face and body products – the world wants beauty oils). What I’m getting at is that men realized that a beard had its own upkeep and they want these oils. I’m sorry guys, but for a beard to look good, you need product. You need products no matter what.

In the winter, David grew a beard. It flaked. It was itchy. It looked all crunchy. I was like “Hey, why aren’t you using a beard oil?” and I think he thought I was talking crazy talk. I convinced him that they are a real thing and not a trick. He used one and he became a believer in the powers of beard oil. It nourishes the skin and hair plus most of them “freshen” the beard with their pleasant aroma.

Ayala Moriel Beard Oils are all natural conditioners for beard and hair. It’s a rich blend of argan oil, avocado oil, vegan squalane, jojoba oil and essential oils. And since it’s blended by a perfumer, these smell really good.

I can’t give a proper review of these because I don’t have a beard, but I can talk about their fragrance.

Ayala Moriel Blackbeard

Blackbeard contains notes of black hemlock, red cedar, Australian sandalwood and juniper. 

Smells like red cedar at a lumberyard and dries down to a soft sandalwood. It’s an astringent woodsy-woods lumberjack fragrance.

The 1/2 oz oil retails for $39.

Ayala Moriel Orcas

Orcas contains notes of seaweed, rosemary, blue spruce and geranium.

I’ve actually reviewed this perfume last year. And now it’s in an oil base for the hair. Trying this again,  I was reminded of just how much I like the Orcas fragrance. The Beard Oil is a sharp, green geranium with fresh rosemary. It’s bitter-green-fresh with salt air.

The 1/2 oil retails for $37.

When David had a beard, he tried these and said he liked them.

I started thinking, why am I not trying these?  I love oils. These are a little “thicker” than those marketed for the face but they’d be great for cuticles or dry hair (and the body if you like spending a lot on oils). What I’m saying is that if you like natural oils and if you think you’d like smelling like a lumberyard or salt air, then don’t let “beard” shy you away. These are high-quality oils with great fragrances. And you could use these as a close-wearing and subtle perfume oil.

Both are available at Ayala Moriel.

*Disclaimer – Samples provided by Ayala Moriel. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Paul Newman image from Product pics from Ayala Moriel.

2 thoughts on “Ayala Moriel Blackbeard & Orcas Natural Beard Oil Review

  1. soooooo happy the beard is back.

    it does surprise me that men don’t see the inherent need for beard (and underlying skin) care– but girls are far more likely to nestle into a soft, scent patch of facial hair than an itchy, not-so-fresh one.

    or boys. or whomever.

    1. I’ve always been a fan of body and facial hair. So, the entire “metro” thing never appealed to me. I’m not a fan of a baby face or a waxed body. But, that’s just me. Anyway, I’m delighted by facial hair being back in “fashion”. I don’t care how trendy it gets, I prefer some stubble.

      Not all men are this way, but I’ve spent many hours telling my husband and guy friends that people do not like rough hands, rough feet…rough skin! I don’t get why these guys think being “manly man” means you need sandpaper hands or feet that could rip holes through socks. Geez.

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