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Aura Cosmic Candle Review

Aura Cosmic candle

I just used up an entire Aura Bubbly candle and was reminded of just how much I love this hand-poured candle line. And then I remembered that I still have an Aura candle in Cosmic, a delicious gourmand.

Cosmic smells like a rich, decadent, gourmet creamsicle. It’s a juicy winter orange with vanilla whipped cream. Aura managed to take the flavor of a familiar frozen treat and make it into a luxurious home fragrance. Cosmic doesn’t smell juvenile or “cheap”. Cosmic somehow managed to make an orange cream pop smell lavish. This candle has great throw, most of my home¹ is left scented with juicy blood oranges, amber and vanilla whipped cream.

I love home fragrance and have tried many brands of home fragrances. Aura is still one of my favorites because of their quality for their price. They smell great, have good throw and the packing is great. I love that the vessel is neutral enough for any decor.

Notes listed include blood orange, vanilla bean, vanilla orchid, and amber.

In comparison to other candles that I own, this one is a “slow burner” (because of the soy). It won’t quickly scent the home, so give it 30-40 minutes.

Retails for $26 at Aura and Candles Off Main.

¹Keep in mind that I don’t live in a large space. I live in a small open floor plan and this candle completely scents my entire home.

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*Candle purchased by me (and I’ve purchased this scent twice). Product pic from Candles Off Main.

15 thoughts on “Aura Cosmic Candle Review

  1. Ooh – Clint loves creamsicles, I might have to give this one a try. Fortunately I don’t live that far away from the Candles Off Main store, so I will have to trek out there one of these days! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but have held off knowing my inability to not buy candles…

    1. You should stop by! With the Aura stuff, it’s all had to be blind-buys for me. So far, so good. But, blind-buying is risky. My feelings with candles if I don’t like the scent, they can be a good gift 😉

      I’m a candle buying no-buy right now 🙁

    1. I haven’t tried that one but it sounds amazing.

      I’ve had to blind-buy all of these as they are not available locally and candle samples aren’t really a thing (I wish they were!)

      If you like it, let me know. I’ve been curious about it and the description sounds amazing.

  2. This is a lovely scent- not at all like usual creamsicle scents. It was my favorite on cold sniff. Though my favorite to burn ended up being Muse- I think you will love that one. It is like Luscious but with tobacco-eyness, I think (I know you love luscious).

    1. It’s much more sophisticated than other orange cream pop scents.

      I love Luscious and now I must try Muse. I love the thought of Luscious with added tobacco 🙂

  3. I just got Muse and I LOVE IT! It’s a very warm scent. Quite sweet but sexy too. And she gave me a mini sample candle of Whimsical which is just as fab. I can’t believe that there are such great scented candles out there that aren’t a million dollars like my MiN candle (now my former favorite).

    1. AHHH! I need this candle now!

      I bought a travel size of Whimsical which I didn’t expect to like since it’s fruity. But, I think it’s really good. It’s fresh and a nice scent for the home.

      Isn’t it refreshing to fall in love with a candle that costs less than $80 😉

      1. It is very freeing to find fantastic candle for only $26!

        I’m sure you’d like Muse too. I may end up eventually getting one of each of theirs.

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