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Atelier Vanille Insensee Cologne Fragrance Review

Vanille Insensée (Insane Vanilla in French) sounds like a woody vanilla if you go by the notes alone. But, in reality Vanille Insensée is a sheer vanilla that verges on “clean” and is very modern and casual. This is one of those vanillas that one could technically wear in the summer. I don’t know may “sheer vanillas”.

Atelier Vanille Insensee fragrance

Vanille Insensée opens up as  vanilla. It’s creamy and dreamy but there is something else there. That something reminds me of the spicy freshness of grated carrots. There’s some very faint, understated citrus. The vanilla gets creamier but never overly sweet and juvenile. The dry-down of Insensée Cologne is very clean. It reminds me of “vanilla towels fresh from the dryer”. That sounds harsh in “perfumese” but I don’t mean it that way. These vanilla dryer towels are what I like about Vanille Insensée. I’m taking it that this is sweetened “modern” woods and white musk. Vanille Insensée smells very, very modern. Very “now”.

Notes listed include lime, cedrat, coriander, jasmine, vetiver, oak moss, Madagascar vanilla, oak wood, and amber.

Give Vanille Insensée a try if you are looking for a sheer vanilla or if you like perfumes like DKNY Pure, Lollia Wish and/or Le Labo Vanille 44. Atelier’s Vanille isn’t as sweet as other vanillas on the market, but it isn’t overly balsamic either. If there is such a genre as “clean vanilla”, this is it. People often ask me, “Do you know of a good vanilla for summer?” and I recommend this one and DKNY Pure (depending on that person’s access).

It’s so funny because this one of those fragrances that when I talk about it people usually say they love it. And then there are the people that can’t stand it. There is definitely something in this that becomes disagreeable on some people. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there. But, whatever it is, it’s what people love about it and what some people hate about it. And when this one works. It really works.

Being a cologne, Vanille Insensée comes in a gigantic 6.7 oz bottle that retails for $170. The “travel” size/ 1 oz retails for $60. Atelier fragrances are available at Neiman Marcus. I like the bar soap in this fragrance too.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONWarm vanilla scented towels. This is a modern vanilla. I respect it. I like it. However, I don’t know if these “modern” perfumes are “me”, but I like them.

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*Sample purchased by me.

10 thoughts on “Atelier Vanille Insensee Cologne Fragrance Review

    1. I love Le Labo Vanille 44 but the price is a HUGE deterrent for me. These aren’t exactly the same, but they have the same “modern” vanilla vibe going on. And it’s cheaper and easier to get 😉 I do see myself buying a 1 oz in the spring. It’s sheer, fresh and vanilla.

  1. Have you tried Mona di Orio’s Vanille? It’s very rich and spicy, and has the sweetness of rum rather than sugar. Very opulent and lovely. I wish she sold smaller bottles– I haven’t yet found someone to split the 100 ml with!

    1. I actually have a sample but I’m months behind on my sniffing. Oh, pity me 😉 I’ll try it this week. Maybe I’ll be up for a split. It sounds like something I’d love.
      And I do wish their were smaller bottles in many brands. 1 oz. is perfect for me.

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