Aroma M Geisha Green Perfume Oil Review

Aroma M Geisha Green

When it comes to “absinthe” perfumes, I know what I want. In the past, I had no luck finding it. All I want is something herbaceous, cool like wormwood, and with a kick of licorice. I want all of this without it coming across as a “sporty” men’s fragrance . What I want is to be like a Mucha or Art Noveau absinthe sylph. Good news, I’ve found it. Aroma M Geisha Green, this is the only “absinthe” perfume that I’ve tried that has been the closest to what I want.

Geisha Green is green. I do get lots of anise and licorice at first, but it isn’t overly “hot”/spicy. It’s cooled by herbaceous greenness. So, Geisha Green is both warm and cool, like absinthe. With time, I’m left with more and more coolness, I get juniper/gin here, with some warmth, very aromatic. The natural smelling anise and licorice starts to get that black, waxy coating, reminding me of Panda Herbal Licorice, one of my favorite treats. It’s almost like the waxy, black licorice candy is wrapped in a bruised violet leaf. I also get a faint “blackberry musk” from black currant. This adds a berry complexity: dark fruit with a bit of warmth. I’m very pleased by this faint fruitiness. It really works in this blend. The dry-down is licorice, that never seems to go, and a bit of powdery amber. It’s a really soft dry-down. And it’s very surprisingly: licorice powder. It isn’t like any other perfume dry-down that I’ve experienced. But, then again I haven’t tried too many “absinthe” scents.

I love to sniff Geisha Green. It lifts my spirits. It’s carefree without being one of those bubbly feminine floral fragrances. It’s playful, like Scottie dog shaped licorice. But, it’s grown-up too. This is a perfume that I crave. I get a mood to wear it and that’s all I can think about. But, I’m a licorice person. I always have some niche variety with me or a tin of Altoids Licorice. What I underestimated with Geisha Green is the addition of violet and  black currant. I wanted this in my licorice perfume and didn’t even know it. These two notes are what makes Geisha Green so special.

Geisha Green is lives up to its description “metrosexual apéritif”. It’s easily unisex and an interesting choice for either sex. It may not be a feminine Mucha sylph, but it is very bohemian Art Nouveau. Like all Aroma M perfumes, Geisha Green is long wearing.

Notes listed include absinthe, black currant, violet, mandarin, amber, and tonka.

Give Aroma M Geisha Green a try if you like licorice perfumes or perfumes like Lolita Lempicka, Guerlain AA Laurier-Reglisse, Hilde Soliani Saaliiisssiimo, and/or Boadicea the Victorious Invigorating.

The 1/4 oz. roll-on of Geisha Green retails for $44 and is available at Candles Off Main.

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*Disclaimer – A sample of this scent was provided by aroma M. I am not financially compensated for this review of any others. My opinions are my own.
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17 thoughts on “Aroma M Geisha Green Perfume Oil Review

  1. Yours is the third review I’ve read of this recently — and the third review to make me cry “Want, want!” You make this sound all grown-up delicious!

    1. Haha! That’s the dangers of reading fragrance and beauty blogs! Should we include a warning?

  2. I really like the way this sounds. I want something herbaceous for this time of year and your review hit all the buttons for me. 🙂

    1. This perfume is exactly what I crave this time of year. It’s herbaceous and “green” but it still has some depth for cooler spring days.

  3. This is my holy grail violet, has been for several years now, and I never seem to grow tired of it. I also love licorice and absinthe (Don’t even get me started on Husky Deli’s black licorice ice cream!), but I love that it doesn’t overwhelm the violet. Both notes are distinctly part of the scent, and play well alongside each other. Great review! I’m always so interested to hear how other people experience a scent, and you have a gift for taking us on the journey. Thank you, Victoria.

    1. I was reluctant to try Green because I wanted it to be good but was scared it would be a licorice bomb or a sporty men’s fragrance. Green exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to get all the violet from it. This is what makes it so special and different from any other “absinthe” scents on the market. It’s a gem. And it has a great price.

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