aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge Perfume Review

aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge

Geisha Amber Rouge is an interpretation on Geisha Rouge…it’s the flanker. Amber Rouge is a spicy scent with a dark, animalic amber base. Geisha Amber Rouge is getting great reviews. Some see it as a smoky, seductive fragrance. Others are reminded of the cozy goodness of Christmas. Geisha Amber Rouge reminds me of a honky tonk at 3 a.m.

Amber Rouge reminds me of a spiced whisky. It’s spicy but it has a malted molasses element with an aged oak. The fragrance becomes smokier, reminding me of smoldering clove cigarettes. And the scent becomes clove cigarette ashes over resinous amber and a very animalic dark honey. The fragrance continues to smolder. It’s has a few orange flickers in an atmosphere of darkness. The base is an acrid, temple incense. From Saturday night to Sunday morning…

James Dean

I’m a fan of aroma M fragrances. Geisha Noire is the sexiest fragrance ever. Geisha Green is the best absinthe scent on the market. Geisha Violet makes me happy. Geisha Blue relaxes me. But, Geisha Amber Rouge smells like closing time on me. It smells like malted molasses, stale clove cigarette ashes and smoke on me. It smells great on fabric/paper and other people, but it goes “off” on me. In the fragrance world, we all win some and we all lose some. Amber Rouge doesn’t work with my chemistry. Could it be the honey? Or the clove?

Notes listed include amber, cinnamon, clove, star anise, resins and incense. PERFUMER – Maria McElroy

Give Amber Rouge a try if you want a dark, smoldering fragrance or if you like perfumes like Geisha Noire, Illuminum Wild Tobacco, Guerlain Samsara, Caron Parfum Sacre, Serge Lutens Rousse, and/or Malle Musc Ravageur. I see this as unisex. It’s a great choice for those attracted to mysterious, “dark” sensual smoldering fragrances. I really, really wished this worked on me. I can tell that it’s striking. Even if my skin kills it, I feel this is a great fragrance and I do recommend it.

Geisha Amber Rouge has above average sillage and is long-lasting. Like all of the aroma M perfume oils, this one is an excellent value because a little goes far.

The 1/4 oz roll-on of aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge retails for $75 and is available at Lucky Scent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSpiced whiskey, clove cigarette ashes and incense. For some reason this perfume goes a little too cigarette ashes, smoke and molasses on me. Frankly, it smells terrible on me. But, it seems like Amber Rouge has plenty of fans. And I’m still a fan of all of the other aroma M perfumes, even a fan of this despite it hating me. Do you have any perfumes that you love, smell great on other people but turn “weird” on your skin’s chemistry? Oh, cruel world!

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11 thoughts on “aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge Perfume Review

    1. <3 Joey's review. I expected to love this, I should but it went strange on me. It's one to sample before buying but I think all perfumes are that way.

    1. Years ago, I didn’t believe that perfume could vary so much from person to person. After years of blogging (and reading blogs) and making fragrance friends, I realize that skin has so much to do with perfume.
      I know this perfume is beautiful. I’ve sniffed it on people and it was like your experience – rich honey amber, intoxicating, really. On me it goes “ashy”. On another friend it goes even more of a spiced whiskey – the clove is very prominent on her skin. And I had my husband try it and it was really, really good – an even darker honey amber.

  1. This is a line I’ve been wanting and meaning to try for a while. I actually only skimmed over your review, so as not to tempt me to buy samples! But alas, I caught the words “spiced whiskey” in your final thoughts. Uh-oh. 🙂

    1. I’m usually not a fan of oils at all but I really do love this line. Noire is so sultry. Green is one of my favorite perfumes and Violet is so different. And O-Cha is my favorite tea fragrance. It’s a line worth giving the time to.

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