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aroma M Beauty Camellia Bath & Body Oil Review

aroma M bath and body oil

Last year, I tried the aroma M Camellia Hair Oil and Face Oil and fell in love. In my review, I mentioned that I wanted aroma M to expand the magic to a body product. Lucky for me, aroma M did expand the line to include a body oil.

The fragrance of this oil is intoxicating. It makes me feel like a goddess with its heady aromas of white flowers (jasmine and neroli) and a Cleopatra-style rose. It’s mainly a jasmine-rose floral.

I apply the oil directly to skin. I’m a fan of body oils and I actually like to feel greasy. Don’t judge. I have crazy dry skin and oils have always worked the best for me. This oil feels like an oil so I use it at night and apply it when my skin is still damp. I wake up with the softest skin.

If you don’t like an oil “feeling”, the line recommends putting a tablespoon in a cup of milk and adding it to the bath. I haven’t done this. Like I said, I like to use it as a nighttime moisturizer.

Contains camellia oil, grape seed oil, golden jojoba oil with notes of jasmine, geranium, frankincense, neroli and Moroccan rose oil. 

A 3.4 oz bottle retails for $60 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by aroma M. I am not finacially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Luckyscent.

2 thoughts on “aroma M Beauty Camellia Bath & Body Oil Review

  1. That sounds really nice! I love that greasy feeling on my bone dry skin. I’ve been using weleda wild rose oil and mixing it neutragena sesame oil. This sounds much better and is almost the same price as weleda. I did by Kate Walsh Boyfriend Dry oil today. I bet I use it up in a week.

    1. Whoo! I’m not the only one!

      My skin is so dry. I love the feeling of thicker oils and creams. I have been through so many bottles of that Neutrogena in my lifetime, as well as every other oil – jojoba, coconut, olive…These do the best for my skin. I have also used the Weleda and like it too. There are so many scented ones on the market now that I can’t help but to flirt.

      I had that too! Loved the scent but it didn’t last very long. Dry oils are a good idea but I like a heavier feel. Well, I do use dry oils in the summer but summers are so short here!

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