April Aromatics Rosenlust EDP Natural Perfume Review

April Aromatics Rosenlust EDP

Rose Week 2013

April Aromatics Rosenlust is a perfume for rose lovers. If you want a “garden” rose, you’ll want to try this.

Roselust is a citrus rose. It opens with a strong blast of grapefruit with hints of watery rose. The heart of Rosenlust is a grapefruit rose, very realistic, true and “living”. The dry-down of Rosenlust is a “fresh” rose with a hint of powdery orris. Rosenlust is a realistic soliflore; it’s naturally beautiful. There’s not much to Rosenlust but really is beautiful rose soliflore.

Sophia Loren

Notes listed include rose otto, Bulgarian rose, rosewater, pink grapefruit, ambrette, tonka, and orris. Launch date 2011. PERFUMER – Tanja Boching

Give Rosenlust a try if you like rose and you’re looking for a rose that doesn’t smell synthetic. Give it a try if you like Hermès Pamplemousse Rose, Chloé L’eau EDT, CREED Fleur de Rose Bulgarie and/or Anu Essentials Sita. I find it to be a more feminine rose but it’s for anyone that wants to smell like a “true” rose.

I’m very surprised  by the projection and sillage of this one. It is above average. I have never tried an all-natural perfume that hangs around like this one does!

The 1 oz bottle of Rosenlust retails for €169  at April Aromatics. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA grapefruit rose. One to try if you find other rose soliflores too synthetic. This one is authentic and vivid.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by April Aromatics. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Sophia Loren pic from

9 thoughts on “April Aromatics Rosenlust EDP Natural Perfume Review

  1. I’ve tried Rose L’Orange, and Precious Woods, and felt it was high quality. I feel they can be perfect scents for layering, due to its natural and light smell. Rosenlust and Demeter Bulgarian rose could be a good match… 💡

    1. I haven’t thought about layering Rosenlust with Precious Woods until now…that sounds like a really good combo. Sandalwood + rose is always a perfect combo.

  2. That one is really one of the best rose perfumes I’ve tried so far. And I’m not a fan of rose perfumes, I prefer smelling roses in nature. I can’t get enough of it.

    1. I find this one to be one of the rosiest scents ever that even non-rose lovers adore. It’s so rich and vivid. It is more like a rose in nature than other rose-heavy perfumes.

  3. Thank you Victoria…this is exactly what Rosenlust is…pure and simple soliflore.
    I am making all of my perfumes extra strong, so they are getting the lasting power…even though the are naturals…so when it says EdP, they are actually close to a perfume strength….
    And yes, the rose is beautiful layered with Precious Woods, I tell this to my clients all the time…worth a try.
    Happy Sunday and Happy Rose week.
    Thank you for including me…

    <3 Tanja
    Tanja Bochnig recently posted..Unter den Linden was chosen amongst best perfume of 2012 by: “Best things in Beauty”

    1. Yours have been the longest lasting naturals that I have ever worn. This is what I bring up too when someone mentions the price. These are concentrated.

      I can’t wait to try Rosenlust over Precious Woods.

  4. Thanks for the link to my post on April Aromatics – Unter den Linden was my favourite of the line, but this very realistic rose was next! And I wasn’t in a very receptive mood that day, so should give them another spin next time I am in Berlin. : – )

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