Anya’s Garden Light Natural Perfume Review

Anya's Garden Light natural perfume

If you read EauMG regularly, you know I don’t really care for citrus perfumes. They don’t hold my attention. I tend to like more old-fashioned eau de cologne masculines because they last longer on my skin. So, I didn’t know what to expect when sampling Anya’s Garden Light. Here I am, a person that likes “heavy” fragrances and I don’t like citrus. Well, maybe I do like citrus and I’ve tried all of the “wrong” ones. I’m impressed with Anya’s Garden Light. This is a longer lasting “cologne”. Light isn’t “light”. It’s full hesperidic flavor with all of the calories.

Light glimmers in its opening with high quality natural citrus. It’s a shining lemony citrus. But, that isn’t it. Light is more than a typical eau de cologne. I may have found “my” grapefruit. Hell, I’ve found “my” citrus. Light is heavy on the grapefruit and it smells like the real deal. Less sweet and floral than other citrus, rugged and tart. And strangely, this grapefruit note lasts on me for over an hour. How many other grapefruits do that?! This fresh citrus has some depth. Anya added a rich and resinous frankincense. It adds a honeyed resinous component that keeps the citrus from fleeting. This pairs with a sweet, almost candied lemon floral that is still “fresh” and a sulfuric grapefruit. This makes me so happy. For the first time ever, I’ve sniffed the base of a citrus fragrance. Usually this base disappears before I have a chance to even notice it. Light lasts many hours on me.

So, it looks like the secret to a wonderful citrus cologne is something simple: high-quality natural ingredients. I view this genre like a salad or sushi. Nobody wants to eat raw ingredients that are not fresh. The key to a simple but great citrus is simple and great ingredients. And apparently, these ingredients need to be natural.

antique Florida grapefruit postcard

Notes listed as Sicilian cedrat, Israeli gold grapefruit, French juniper berry, neroli, Chinese perfume tree flower, and frankincense.

Give Anya’s Garden a try if you are looking for a long-wearing citrus “cologne” or a grapefruit perfume or if you like scents like Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien (the closest I can compare to), Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom, Memoire Liquide Soleil Liquide, and/or 4711. Light is easily unisex and perfect for warmer climates.

The 3.5 ml of Light pure parfum retails for $65. An EDP is also available at Anya’s Garden.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – You guys know that I’m not one for citrus. However, Anya’s Garden Light is good stuff; high quality ingredients that stick to my skin. Yeah, it’s still citrus and I can’t say that I find citrus exciting, but Light is good. It’s a grapefruit that I can wear and the frankincense is well, frankly, genius in this composition. If I must wear a citrus, then I want it to be Light.

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*Disclaimer – A sample of this product was provided by Anya’s Garden. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product picture from Anya’s Garden. Antique Postcard from my collection.

8 thoughts on “Anya’s Garden Light Natural Perfume Review

  1. I love when a perfume converts someone from what they thought was their “type”, in this case you like heavier perfumes and didn’t like citruses, until Light. This truly delights me, Victoria. Thank you so much for this review, it made me smile with happiness.

    1. It’s a good one. And it’s the only citrus perfume that I have ever tried that lasts more than 5 hours on my skin. It’s a beauty!

  2. I love your descriptions of Light, it captures the scent so very well. I’m glad you found a citrus you like! I thuroughly enjoyed the sample I have of Light as well.


    1. I need to report that I wore it today. AND 11 hours later, I still smell it on my skin. I know of no other citrus like. It’s amazing.

  3. Yay I’m excited that you like this! Now that I’ve read your description I think I will like it too, seeing as though I love Moschino’s I Love Love also. Since this is a heavier scent do you think it will work well as a fall/winter scent too?

    1. If I had to compare the two, I’d say that I Love Love is “heavier” because of the muskier base. Hmmm…actually I’d say their wear is similar, good for anytime of the year. Light sticks around but it is brilliant and bright. A must for anyone wanting a happy citrus perfume.

  4. Light is like a pure beam of light, unfiltered. I love the citrus – it is not muddied with other scents. I find it different than the scents listed above. For example, Pacifica’s scent has an ozone character to it and I cannot wear it (though my mother loves it!)

    1. It is a beautiful “eau de cologne” but with lasting power.

      It is very different than the others listed, the closest is the Annick Goutal. I mention those because they give an idea, a broad “family” idea. No comparison is adequate. Light is the best out of any of those.

      Oh, and I can’t wear Pacifica Lemon Blossom either 🙁

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