Anti-Haul March 2017

A lot of people do “Anti-Hauls” on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar with these, these are videos where people talk about what they aren’t buying. With so many launches, I love the premise of this. It gives us a reason to talk about what’s new without actually participating in this makeup economy of “BUT THIS LIMITED EDITION THING!”.

Inspired by my fellow Lipstick Leaguer¹, Phyrra, I’ve decided to put together my own monthly Anti-Haul (sans Youtube/video because I can’t find the time nor do I appreciate the harassment).

I’m talking about things that have launched or will be launching soon that have been receiving hype in the Beauty World.


These are the things I’m very, very certain that I won’t be purchasing. 

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

This entire concept is so stupid to me. First off, it’s so expensive for a mask even with “three uses” (who wants to store that thing when it’s not in use?) I imagine it’s like putting a dry paper towel on your face. If you are that bothered by liquids/moisture then why are you even buying skincare? Like just go sit around in the dark with dry paper towels on your face. Anyway, read Tracy’s review here. She truly convinced me that I do not need this thing in my life.

Saucebox Mermaid Life

SauceBox Mermaid Life Palette (pre-ordering now, ships late April)

It’s just too big. I have no idea how I would store it or use it. The colors aren’t anything I’m interested in either. I hate it because I like to support indies and I like this brand. However, nothing about this product appeals to me. I mean, it’s cute but it’s something I can easily talk myself out of.

Tom Ford Sole di Positano

Tom Ford Sole di Positano

How many of these will this brand launch? All these citrus things smell the same. At this stage, I don’t think any of us can distinguish any of these glorified 4711 wannabes from each other.

MAC Beauty Gurus Collection

MAC x Beauty Gurus Campaign (launches spring through summer)

This doesn’t launch until late April, but I already know I’m not interested. #1 I miss makeup artists and I’m so sick of “influencers”. This isn’t me being a hater. I just don’t feel influencers represent “me”. Many are of the same age range, etc. The all use the same techniques and products. I’m bored. #2 The shade reveals have been boring stuff that I already own (but with different names). #3 I honestly thought it was the same lipstick being used and then I realized they were supposed to be “unique” shades. I didn’t realize they were different until I saw the random, lone berry one!

You know, the more I think about this, the more I don’t think that a brand could come up with such an accurate visual representation of my feelings of how bored I’m with “beauty influencers”. It’s almost like poetry in that regard. (If you want to see a lot of beige, go here).

NARS CHarlotte Gainsbourg Collection

NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Collaboration (launches mid-April)

I merely being a contrarian butthead with this because the colors are rather classic and very much “French beauty”. But, I have stuff like this already. I also feel the brand has stuff like this already that isn’t limited edition (and without the Gainsbourg name). The packaging isn’t pretty enough to convince me to buy any of it. I wouldn’t be upset if I received of it as a gift, but it’s not something I’m going out of my way to buy. (Swatches here).


These are the new things I’m tempted by. You can maybe talk me in (or out) of these. 

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection

The Entire Urban Decay x Basquiat Collab (launches April 20th)

I still don’t know how to feel about this because I’m weird about artist collabs, especially when the artist is no longer with us and there’s no way they knew anything about the brand they are currently collab’n with. Saying this, the Basquiat Estate has down a great job introducing Basquiat to a younger audience through partnerships with brands like Uniqlo and Alice + Olivia. But, I’m still torn because that’s just how I am.

But, then I saw the pictures of the products and the palettes are gorgeous. They’re so gorgeous that it may tempt me rethink my personal dilemma. Plus, in today’s political climate, it’s a great time to celebrate 80’s artists like Basquiat, right? (Close-up pictures here).

Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves

Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow Palette

OK, so I have colors like this already so please talk me out of it. It’s just that they are the type of colors I love to wear (because they’re flattering on me). Plus, they’re indie and I like them. In reality, I know I already own so many shades like this and I can effortlessly make my own Marvelous Mauves dupe. (Video review/swatches here).

The Body Shop L'Eau Musk

The Body Shop White Musk L’Eau

My hope is that this is like a good but really cheap version of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie. It may be garbage but The Body Shop has some really great cheapies. I’m holding out hope. Have any of you guys tried it yet?


MAC Min Liu Collection


MAC x Min Liu Summer Collection (launches April 14th)

I don’t need any of this but this concept is so what I need in my life right now (AKA F U WINTER concept of glowing reds/pinks). It’s rather simple but the reds and pinks pack a real punch. Plus, there’s tassels! (Swatches here).

Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Aurora

I tried talking myself out of this but I’m certain this will be something that I buy with my Low-Buy Monthly Allowance (there’s no rush – it’s permanent). I don’t own any Glow Kits; I love ABL formulas; I want a “weird” highlighting kit. These are DUOCHROME and strangely flattering. (Close-up and swatches here.)

So, what do you think? What are your anti-hauls? What are your newly launched temptations? Any makeup/fragrance rants? Now is the time to let it all out!

¹The Lipstick League contains a group of bloggers with various specialties (I’m fragrance!) that share our favorite blog posts for the week on our individuals sites. I post these every Sunday so you can get your weekly beauty fix.

*Nordstrom and Uniqlo contain affiliate links . Product pics from the brand except for MAC Beauty Gurus (Temptalia) and NARS (Nylon).


18 thoughts on “Anti-Haul March 2017

    1. I KNOW! I was just talking about this with my makeup loving friends. I can’t be talked out of buying it. It’s so ethereal/magical. I saw the video and gasped. That’s the sort of reaction I want new launches to give me 😉

  1. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen the complete MAC x Beauty Gurus collection, and I don’t know whether I should be surprised or completely unsurprised that it’s ten almost identical nude lipsticks (well, nine nudes and one berry). It feels like a sneaky parody of the fact that ~beauty influencers~ aren’t really all that creative or innovative. I watch YouTube beauty tutorials occasionally, and I can’t remember the last time I got a cool new idea for my makeup. Instead, I see endless variations on the same orangey/bronzey eye, blinding highlight, and brownish lip.

    There’s been a lot of discussion on Reddit about the problems with the Basquiat collection. Basquiat was strongly anti-consumerist, yet his estate has recently been selling his art to all kinds of commercial ventures. Sure, it makes him accessible to a new generation, but it also flies in the face of what he stood for while alive. Urban Decay has also chosen a white woman as the face of the campaign, and the names of many of their products glorify drug addiction, the cause of Basquiat’s death. I was attracted to the collection at first, but after some thought I’ve decided that the whole thing feels too sleazy for me to support it.

    1. Thanks for commenting. This is really why I did this. I want discussion and I also want people to talk me out of purchases 😉 OK, or talk me into them. But, I want to talk/think about a purchase before I make one vs. the thoughtless “But, it’s limited edition” buying.

      I honestly thought the roundup of shades was a joke. From the picture and then if you look at them modeled by their influencer, I thought they were ALL THE SAME. Nope. MAC actually launched that many similar shades as if nobody was on staff to edit. I’m seriously not a hater. I watch Youtube videos and appreciate the time and effort people put into them. Saying that, so many “gurus” are boring to me only because it feels so conformist. It’s like so many people don’t work with their own face, but they slap an influencer’s face onto their own. I missed when the Internet/bloggers/Youtubers had their own perspective/voice. I’m not grouping everyone into one category, I’m just saying that it sure *seems* that brands gravitate to “sameness”. There are plenty of great people in the beauty community.

      The Basquiat collection is problematic. I can’t say what he’d want if he where alive so I’d rather not speculate. I have friends that knew him when he was alive and he was a complex, talented person. As an artist, he did experience commercial success (and some wealth) while he was alive. Like I said, with any artist, these sort of collabs make me very uneasy. This one more so for a few of the reasons you listed. Urban Decay has some terrible names. I have written them numerous times about shades like “Mainline”, “Junkie” and “Speedball” and they don’t even provide me with a generic “Sorry you don’t like this” sort of customer service email. (I have not looked at the names in this collection). Yet, I have bought their products before because they do make some nice products. I would say this, if they changed those names and/or wrote me back, I’d probably buy more than the 3 lipsticks that I own.

      Anyway, I think I’ll pass on the Basquiat Collection. If anything, it’s just packaging and it offers me nothing else. If I want to see Basquiat, I live in NYC area. I’ll go MoMA, the Whitney or the Brooklyn Museum.

  2. I agree with your anti-haul stuff. That mermaid palette is HUGE. As for the others, I guess I don’t understand the Min Liu craze. I can feel my eyes and skin having a bad reaction to all that red. (Severe and very unaccommodating allergy to red dye.) I know there are lots of people out there who are just loving it. Now the Pat McGrath set another commentator posted is totally on my lust list. Those colors are phenomenal!!!

    The white musk? i love me my Body Shop. Hopefully it is fragranced without being totally overwhelming. Plan to check that out soon.

    1. I lurve red/pink shadows. I don’t need any of the Min Liu stuff because I totally have these bases covered already, but it is pretty. I’m happy to a see summer collection that isn’t all teal shadows and bronzer. Also, sorry about that allergy. One of my besties has it. She can’t even get near purples without having a trip to a dermatologist 🙁

      I want that Pat McGrath so badly but that price hurts. But, then I guess it’s more about a distinct look/experience. But, yes, totally lustworthy.

      Body Shop is hit or miss. I didn’t find out about Smoky Poppy until wayyy later and was lucky enough to score it for cheap. I like the idea of a fruity white musk for summer.

  3. Damn, I am also on the fence about White Musk L’Eau! I strangely have a thing for pear scents, and this one is supposed to have some sort of pear note, right? One of my guilty pleasure scents is Pear Glace, but I’m always looking for others. Pear can be polarizing, so I’m wondering how the White Musk will turn out. I’ve been wanting to pick out a new summery scent, and that’s on my list, in addition to No. 5 L’Eau and this one Olivine scent (Amongst the Waves).

    My current anti-haul list includes that recent Miu Miu flanker and any new launches for brows because I’ve had thick bangs for a year now and really don’t do much to my eyebrows these days. Also, for some reason I am not feeling the Honest Beauty launch.

    1. ME TOO. It’s not something I usually admit to people, but I’m in good company 🙂 I almost bought this huge bottle of St. Ives Pear shower gel a few days ago but I was like “Remember that low-buy”? Anyway, this can be either good, bad or meh. My hope is that it has Petite Cherie vibes but maybe lighter and more “summer-y”. It’ll probably just smell like all their other white musks but with less longevity, lol.

      I actually miss bangs because they were great for covering any forehead issues AND brows. People say bangs are high maintenance (and they can be), but they have some time-saving pros too.

      Yeah, I’m not feeling that Honest Beauty launch or those new RMS palettes. I’m sure they’re nice, but they aren’t moving me.

  4. OMGerd that MAC Beauty Gurus collection, so daring! *eye rolls*

    The UD Basquait looks pretty awesome though mmm

    I imagine you’ve seen reviews/swatches of the duochrome Makeup Geek highlighters, in any case I’ve got a few of those on my wishlist *lusts*

    1. 🙂 You sure you don’t want a massive collection of light beige lipsticks?

      It is pretty but I’m trying sooooo hard to resist things for pretty packaging.

      YES. They are gorgeous. All my makeup friends that have similar complexions to mine swear by them. I don’t have any duochrome highlighters so that is something I can get behind.

  5. I’m coveting that Basquiat x Urban Decay collection. I think JMB would have loved, loved these collaborations. After all, he collaborated with Andy Warhol during his own lifetime! And the names of the shades are great — direct references to words he used in his art and music that he loved.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I’m delighted that you chimed in!

      I try not to speculate if someone would/wouldn’t do something if they were alive. It’s not my place. Like I said, Basquiat experienced commercial success. And he worked with people that like defined pop art…and later people who wanted art to have mass appeal (like Keith Haring).

      I looked up the shade names. Maybe they changed them? Nothing stood out to me as inappropriate (many are direct references to his work). However, I still hate a few of the names in their permanent collection.

      I like the palettes but I totally have things like it already (sans packaging). With my low-buy, this is the stuff I keep trying to remind myself 🙂 I’m trying to “shop” my collection first (which I admit, is no fun).

      1. Yes, I think the names of the shades are very appropriate — “suckerpunch” comes from an enigmatic phrase that he used many times (“Jimmy best on his back to the suckerpunch of his childhood files”) and there are names of Miles Davis recordings, etc. Really fun.

        I’m not sure while product(s) I’ll buy if I have the chance… I don’t really NEED anything, of course! 😉

        1. We never NEED any of it but it’s OK to give into temptation. My problem was that I have given into too many temptations over the years!

  6. The idea of reusing a sheet mask is pretty gross! I use the cheap sephora ones and I’m glad to throw them away when I’m done!
    I read that mermaids are the new unicorns, which sucks for me because I finally got around to ordering Unicorn Lashes goth unicorn brush set. I kind of regret it now because honestly I don’t even wear that much make up as to warrant that many brushes. Oh well.
    Gosh, that Basquiat Urban Decay set is pretty. I want it only for the packaging, which is not the reason to buy makeup! We’ll see what happens with that. It does feel a bit iffy since he’s not alive to speak for himself.
    Also, I’m glad I’m not alone regarding the urban decay names. I had some really pretty eyeshadow and the name was “druggie”. I suddenly felt old and uncool, ha! One time at Ulta a fabulous older woman came in looking for a lip liner to match her lipstick. Since the UD lines was set up by the door she landed there first. She ended up buying “jilted” so at least it wasn’t a really out there name!

    1. Isn’t it? I don’t know how one would store it. And it’s been on your face without being washed. This dry sheet mask concept does not appeal to me at all.

      The Unicorn Lashes ones come in that gorgeous case, don’t they? I do feel like brushes are “worth” it. They last so long. If you don’t wear makeup that often, they’ll last forever.

      I’ve got to stop being lured by packaging. This is my weakness and the weakness of so many others that are into makeup. For me, this is why I love the concept of Anti-Haul. I can be talked out of something because we can remind each other, “It’s just packaging!”

      I really wish some of the UD names would just go. This country has an opioid epidemic and I would love if that didn’t crossover into my makeup life. I think it’s so tacky. One can be “edgy” but also be sensitive imo. Like I said, I do own some of their stuff. They have some good things, but I’d never buy some of the shades because their names makes me uncomfortable…and I want makeup to be fun.

  7. I’m tempted by the Basquiat eyeshadow palette, because I’ve been wanting to wear more bright eyeshadow and also I quite like the packaging. But I’m sure I could find similar shades elsewhere for less money, and like you I feel a little uneasy about collaborations with deceased artists… still, my eyeshadow collection as it stands right now is just shades of taupe and brown with the occasional plum. I guess we’ll see when it’s released if I jump for it or not?

    That mermaid palette is awful, the packaging is like outrageously bad. Love this anti-haul post! I hope you keep them up!

    1. I think it may be a good choice if you don’t have anything like it. I mean, the packaging is so pretty. I’m in a position where I have all these colors (and rarely use the brights) so I can’t really justify a purchase (despite being tempted). As far as brights go, the UD formula is usually top-notch. And nobody wants to mess around with chalky eyeshadow that’s bright in the pan and impossible to work with on skin.

      It’s just so HUGE. My Morphe palettes get on my last nerve for their size but at least they are rectangular and have a sturdy plastic case for storage. I also don’t see those shades and think “mermaid”.

      I’m pretty sure it’s something I can keep up with being that there are so many new launches!

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